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“Adam and his agency Campus Commandos have worked with us multiple years in a row now on various Back-to-School advertising campaigns where targeting college students was essential. He has helped us reach our audience in unique ways and has provided us with reliable, professional service throughout the whole process. He is highly knowledgeable when it comes to targeting college students and has developed a network of resources at his disposal that provide valuable feedback and out-of-the-box ideas. He is attentive, always following up in a punctual manner, and provides excellent post-campaign summaries that truly help us understand our performance and results. We look forward to continuing to work with Adam on developing diverse and inventive education marketing campaigns in the future.” - Jessica Hewlett Packard (HP)

“Campus Commandos was flexible in making changes mid-stream, and most importantly converted awareness into sales.” - Jesus (Kaplan Test Prep)

“Adam leads a field marketing team that is highly knowledgeable, dedicated and effective. His ability to adjust tactics based on shifting client objectives or market conditions/trends is unparalleled. I would recommend Campus Commandos to any company looking to establish a brand footprint in the college market” - Nicholas (SPC Card)

“Mickey quickly learned key detail about the automotive parts brand and allowed us to expertly tailor calls-to-action and surveys to generate the most value for our client.“Campus Commandos vast network of students allowed ACDelco insights from every corner of the nation.” - Kevin (AC Delco’s Ad Agency)

“I worked with Campus Commandos to generate some excitement around an app from our company. We have used campus reps before, but I was intrigued by Campus Commandos' "command", if you will, of technology and the latest trends – especially their new app. Campus Commandos' approach is totally scalable – they can assist with a basic campus rep program, or they can go all out and create a whole campaign centered on several campuses, each executed with the same level of care and precision.” - LuLu (HTC)

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