92% of consumers trust THIS type of marketing

Nielson recently released the results of its annual Global Trust in Advertising Survey. The survey revealed that consumers are most likely to try products they hear about through word of mouth or recommendations from friends and family. According to the survey, 92 percent of consumers trust earned media above all other forms of advertising.

Online consumer reviews were reported to be the second most trusted form of advertising, with 70 percent indicating they trust this platform. Only 33 percent trust online ads, and mobile ads rated even lower at just 29 percent.

Word of mouth recommendations are difficult to generate. It’s critical that these interactions be perceived as authentic, to maximize their reception and effect. More and more companies are leveraging the influence of brand ambassadors, who are both enthusiastic fans and specially trained to effectively communicate your message to their peers.

But where and how can you find these ambassadors?
Start with your known fans. Look for your most vocal advocates on Facebook and Twitter, and offer them incentives for sharing their enthusiasm with friends and family. In addition to increasing online interactions, these social media advocates can grow into offline brand evangelists.

wordofmouth icon 92% of consumers trust THIS type of marketing

Have you ever activated a brand ambassador program?

What marketing strategies are most effective for you? How do you create authentic engagement with your customers?

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