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Welcome Week Planning

Tweet Final Exams are finally done! While college students are running off to summer internships and beach vacations, marketing directors across the country are already gearing up for Fall Semester. Summer is the prime season to lay the groundwork for your Fall Semester campus marketing initiatives. Tweet

Are you still flyering!?

Tweet Stop! Please! I don’t want to hear about another company whose college marketing plan is to hire students to pass out flyers on campus. BREAKINGNEWS: Flyers are wallpaper to students. There are sooo many on campus. Sure, I’ll take your flyer…and throw it into the trashcan five steps away. Tweet

Hey Gen X’er: Sell Me!

Tweet I recently watched an episode of Men of a Certain Age on TNT. In one scene, a Gen Y’er was walking into a dealership to look at a Chevy Camero. He had his cell phone out before the salesperson even walked up to him. He knew what he should be paying, the pros and… Read more »