When you graduate, it’s time to jump into the professional world. But squeezing in every class, assignment, and extracurricular into your college schedule is a job in of itself.

Here are nine very real struggles of applying for jobs while in school:

  1. Finding the time to apply. Self explanatory. You’re constantly running from one activity to the next.
  2. Tweaking your cover letter for every job. This not only requires research, but then time to include your specialized qualifications.
  3. Realizing there are probably over 100 applicants for this ONE job.
  4. Waiting too long to apply. Know when your field is hiring and spend months before that time preparing. From the first day of your senior year, you should be actively reaching out to career services, your networks, and companies you are interested in.
  5. Not knowing what to apply for. Maybe you feel a little too qualified for that entry level position, but you also are underqualified for the managerial position. Talk with a career advisor to figure out the best path for you.
  6. Networking and staying in touch with those connections. Network, network, network. This should be continuous through your entire job search and even after you accept a position. You never know how helpful these key people can be.
  7. Finding the perfect social media balance. While you want to show you’re interested in the latest industry news, you also don’t want to lose your 350 Twitter followers interested in your witty day-to-day observances. Finding the balance between your humorous side and professional side can be difficult to do at first.
  8. Keeping an open mind. You may not land your dream job after hopping off the train from CollegeVille, so keep your eyes open to jobs that will serve as a stepping stone.
  9. Stay positive. This can be a long, tedious process, but try to keep a positive attitude about it all. It will translate in your interviews.

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