By now most companies have realized that they cannot reach college students by simply putting up posters or running advertisements. Word of mouth is becoming more important to people and many are now focusing on peer-to-peer marketing. When done right using college students and their campuses to market your product can be the best decision you ever made. Here are 3 companies that scored home runs:

  • Red Bull: Whether they stayed up all night to party or to study for exams, college students are some of Red Bull’s most consistent customers, so it makes sense that they would put a lot of effort into their college campaigns. One of the best was “Red Bull Campus Hacks”. They mimicked fire extinguisher cabinets creating boxes with emergency Red Bull. The Red Bull Night Watchman, is arguably, just as cool. A note would be slipped under students’ doors at night or hung on their handle, if they were up they could put out a white flag, and a Red Bull would arrive at their door.
  • American Eagle: Most people who went away for college will tell you they remember their move-in day. American Eagle capitalized on this and used their college reps to throw move-in day events. The reps, and the friends they enlist, work together to help new freshmen move into their new dorms and unpack. Along the way they are passing out coupons, pens, and water canisters, all of course with the American Eagle logo.
  • Apple: This program is pretty unique in the fact that the rules are minimal. Apple’s campus reps get sent MacBook’s, iPads, t-shirts and more. These reps don’t just throw events they host workshops, do 1 on 1 training sessions, along with almost anything the reps can think of to promote the brand. Apple is also known for paying their reps well, making it a coveted position among college students.

College students want the brands they invest in to be cool. Companies need to continue to be innovative and come up with new ways to engage with their customers. Using college reps is a great way to reach a public that is notoriously hard to reach.

photo credit: I’m Restarting tomorrow. via photopin (license)

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