As a college student, you’re endlessly busy. From attending lectures and club meetings, to eating greasy burgers at the caf on a midnight deadline, to watching one last episode on Netflix, it can be tough just to keep a decent GPA without being a complete hermit.

On top of all that, students are always looking to make easy money. Here are some of the most creative ways to do it.

  1. Use your talents. Do you fancy yourself the next J.K. Rowling? Check out sites like to build your portfolio.
  2. Visit Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. There, businesses and developers post quick, one-off tasks in exchange for instant payment.
  3. Sell your stuff to make room for, you know, new stuff.
  4. Or try selling your notes from class. (Really).
  5. Become an ambassador for a brand you’re passionate about. Go Commando App has partnered with big name brands that college students love. And they are all looking for outgoing, entrepreneurial students like you to represent them at on-campus events.

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Who is Campus Commandos?

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