Last week, Fenway Park was flooded by a mass of college students. No, it wasn’t a Red Sox game. CollegeFest 2014 attracted thousands of students to a blend of live music and exciting exhibits from nationally recognized brands. The Go Commando team headed down to Boston to further immerse our brand and our app in the college sphere.

When first entering inside Fenway Park, we immediately sensed the thrilling atmosphere filled with college students wanting to find more opportunities within their campus. We set up our Go Commando booth, which drew in crowds of students eager to learn more about us. Upon learning about the opportunity to become a campus rep, build resume experience, and get paid all on their own schedule, our Go Commando app was an instant hit among the crowd. Several people were fascinated by the idea and wished to be notified of the big, fast-approaching launch of the app. Not to mention, everyone was a fan of the free Go Commando swag we handed out!


While we had a blast endorsing our brand at Fenway Park, you have the same opportunity on your own college campus, so don’t wait for us to come to you. Sign up for the Go Commando App and spread the word to your friends so you can all be Brand Commandos!

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Who is Campus Commandos?

Our college marketing agency functions to serve two purposes; to provide opportunity for college students, and to market products and services on behalf of brands to students on college campuses and universities across the United States. Contact us to learn more.