How Beneficial Is A College Campus Brand Ambassador? 

Have you ever been curious about the term campus brand ambassador?

Are you a university student who desires paid opportunities that will launch your career post-graduation?

Are you also seeking out a job that will fit in with your hectic schedule? 

If you answered “yes” to those questions, you should consider being a college rep. Essentially, brand ambassadors are responsible for representing a specific company on their college campus. 

Several companies offer ambassador programs on different college campuses across the country. 

Before joining said program, however, university students may question how beneficial is it to become a college campus brand ambassador

Well, there are numerous benefits to becoming a college ambassador. Here are a few reasons to start working as a campus representative. 


Being A Brand Ambassador Offers Flexibility 

As previously mentioned, college students typically have rigid schedules, which can make working difficult.

Thankfully, college ambassador programs offer flexibility. In general, students are required to fulfill a certain number of hours, but they are able to set their schedule. 

You can perform your duties on your time, meaning you won’t have to neglect your studies. 


Being AnAmbassador Helps Build Your Resume 

After graduation, the goal for most university students is to get a good job. Being a part of a college ambassador program, you’ll get firsthand experience, like organizing on-campus events or managing social media accounts, that will make you an ideal candidate for many companies.

For example, the Marketing Coordinator at RCA records, Brittany Hicks, noted that being a campus rep at Sony Music U helped her with her current career. 

“My position as Sony Music U rep set me up perfectly with the knowledge and experience to step into my role… at RCA records as Marketing Coordinator. I have the opportunity to not only apply all the skills I gained as a college rep, but now work with Sony Music U reps to execute campaigns I help create on the label side,” said Hicks. 


You Can Get Paid While Being A Brand Ambassador 

Being a college campus ambassador can help line your pockets. Most long-standing Campus Brand Ambassador Programs compensate their brand ambassadors. For example, Apple pays its campus brand ambassadors $10 to $11 per hour. Apple ambassadors may also receive free laptops, iPhones, iPads, or Apple Watches while working for the company.


Being A College Ambassador Offers You Variety 

It’s unlikely that you will get bored working as a college rep. While responsibilities vary from company to company, you can expect to execute on-campus events, communicate with on-campus leadership, and curate social media posts. Some brands, like Bumble, encourage their brand ambassadors, known as Honeys, to be creative with how they represent the brand. For example, reps have been rewarded for dressing in bee costumes will handing out flyers to their classmates.

“We do fun, marketing-based stunts to spread the word of Bumble. We’ve been giving out yellow roses outside the Union, handing out Bumble merchandise… It’s great as you can put your spin on things and be as creative as you want,” explained Sophie Wimble, a former honey at Leeds University. 


Final Thoughts On Becoming A Campus Brand Ambassador 

Being a college campus brand ambassador is beneficial. 

Campus ambassadors can set their working schedules. This means that you can work as a campus rep without missing any of your classes. 

Reps will also gain valuable experience that will translate well into the workplace. 

Also, being a part of an ambassador program will help pad your resume, increasing your chance of snagging a good job post-graduation. 

Further, many companies will pay their ambassadors. Some may also give incentives in the form of swag. 

Finally, campus ambassadors have a variety of responsibilities, making the overall experience more enjoyable than traditional jobs.