What Are the Best Ways to Be a Good Student Brand Ambassador?

When you take on the role of student brand ambassador, you become a representative of the company you’re marketing. You are the in-person advertiser for the chosen brand and complete many tasks to promote the company.

But, you don’t just want to be a student brand ambassador. You want to be an effective college company ambassador. So, in what ways can you be a good student brand ambassador?

To be a good student brand ambassador and work your marketing magic for the company, you should follow a few steps. These steps will ensure your marketing techniques are effective and memorable. 

Before we uncover the steps to being a good student brand ambassador, you should know what a student brand ambassador does.

What Does a Student Brand Ambassador Do?

A student brand ambassador promotes a company’s brand name and products. As a college brand ambassador, you’ll be the face of the brand and take various steps to market the company’s products.

One day you might be handing out brand gear on campus. Another day you might be hosting an event to discuss the brand’s products as you highlight the beneficial features of the company.

In your role as brand ambassador, your main goal is to promote the company and show their products to as many people on campus as possible.  

4 Steps to Being a Good Student Brand Ambassador

You want to take steps to be a really good student brand ambassador. Sure, you can go through the motions and hand out flyers and products, but this won’t make you stand out. And it won’t convince the hiring manager you’re the right person for the job.

As a student brand ambassador, your goal is to help the company sell products and lots of them! You can do this by embracing your new role with excitement and innovation.

Here are four steps to be a good student brand ambassador:

Step 1: Get Hired

Before you start promoting the brand name, you have to get hired. Fortunately, many well-known companies are hiring campus brand ambassadors. 

And it’s not just at a few colleges across the country. These businesses are hiring in full force to reach as many college students as possible and get the word out on their products. 

Best of all, the pay is a great way to earn some spending money in college. Here are some of the pay scales offered by various companies:


Coca-Cola $12-$15/hour
PINK $13/hour
Kaplan $15-$25/hour
Blueprint Test Preparation $20/hour plus bonuses


When you’re ready to check out the job listings, consider a few things. Note the company that’s hiring, identify specific brand ambassador tasks, and see how much the job pays. With all this information in mind, you can decide if this brand is one you’re interested in promoting on campus. 

Step 2: Learn About the Brand and Products

Once you know what company you’ll be working for, take the time to learn about the brand and the products. It’s one thing to hand out product samples as a campus brand ambassador. But if you want to be a really good campus ambassador, know what the products are all about. 

You should also review the history of the company and identify reasons why this brand’s products are a step above the rest. When you promote the company’s products, you want people to trust what you’re saying. If they do, they’re sure to see you as a knowledgeable representative of the company and its products. 

Step 3: Research the Best Ways to Promote the Brand

The company you work for may have specific promotion requests. On the other hand, they may leave it up to you to decide which promotion strategies work best.

For example, if the company wants you to walk around campus wearing brand name clothing, you might know the best places to do so on campus. You can take their general promotion requests and tailor them to suit the university’s environment. Doing so will help the brand name and products to get noticed in the most effective way. 

Step 4: See What Promotion Techniques Work Best

You might have to switch up your promotion strategies from time to time. For example, one promotion technique that works well in the beginning may not be as successful months down the road.

When you use a few different marketing techniques, you can see which promotion strategies work best and which ones need some fine tuning. 

Student brand ambassadors can meet the status quo and be okay, but good student brand ambassadors can go above and beyond in their job role and be great!

Sign Up with a Popular Company

Now’s the perfect time to explore your options as a campus brand ambassador with a popular company. 

Learn more about being a student brand ambassador on the Campus Commandos website and decide if this type of part-time job is right for you!