Building an online career network, especially as a college student, can be difficult. So we tell you how to architect your LinkedIn profile. How to select the right people from an incredibly vast ecosystem. (It’s like choosing players for the ultimate dodgeball team.)

The Right People
Your LinkedIn connections should be high-quality contacts that can really help accelerate your career. You want a diverse network of people from companies large and small, a mix of executives and interns, influencers and novices.

Who You Know
Browse through the personalized LinkedIn ‘People You May Know’ feature. Alternatively request introductions to second-degree connections.

Advanced Search
LinkedIn lets you search for people based on their relationship, group, location, industry, work experience, and education. For more specific searches, you can look up years of experience, function, seniority level, company size, and more.

The Big Guys
To connect with those high-level executives at dream companies, it’s important to send customized invites. Browse Pulse News and Groups to find thought leaders and influencers, then reach out to them in response to something they’ve posted to forge a relationship. A message that has more heft than, you know, You’re successful, and I want to be successful… so do me a solid.

‘Cause that’s just desperate.

LinkedIn actually has a whole alumni database built into its system. You can specify your search by location, company, work experience, and how you’re connected to them. It’s the perfect place to find new connections because you already have something in common.

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