How has on campus events changed with the pandemic?

COVID-19 has affected how everyone, including the college marketing industry, conducts business for now and for the foreseeable future. As a result, some companies have switched to a digital footprint. We have put together guidelines for brand ambassadors and guests to continue face-to-face on campus event marketing safely. In the next paragraph, you will find our guidelines.

  • First, have ambassadors to stay behind their tables, creating a physical barrier that ensures 6 feet of distance
  • Second, limit the number of ambassadors staffed per location to maintain recommended distancing practices
  • Third, ambassadors should wear  face coverings that meet or exceed CDC recommendations
  • Fourth, evaluate and restrict tabling based on each campus location to ensure safe distancing:
    • Determine how long tabling location(s) can remain set-up at key places on campus
    • Do not approach students around campus
    • Over-communicate locations and hours
    • Leverage your ambassadors’ social networks
  • Fifth, provide necessary supplies for safe handling of giveaways and restocking of tables
    • Hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, disinfecting wipes, etc.
  • Sixth, use digital tools and resources to help tabling at a distance:
    • QR codes to scan
    • SMS Campaigns
    • Geo targeted ads
  • Seventh, reinforce to ambassadors that we should not be limiting meaningful face-to-face interaction – we are conducting the same dialogue and asking the same questions at a distance
  • Lastly, create an exciting atmosphere with signs, banners, balloons, music, and other fun activities


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if your brand is struggling with how to properly execute these types of on campus events, please  reach out to Campus Commandos.