Rent the Runway

Since its founding in 2009, Rent the Runway has been revolutionizing the fashion industry. The online service allows people to rent clothing items from high end brands, starting at $69 per month. This is perfect for those who have an upcoming event and need to look nice but don’t want to spend a pretty penny. 

Fashionable college students in particular are fans of the website. After all, they tend to be a little strapped for cash. 

Renting clothes, however, isn’t the only way college students can get involved with this fantastic company. In 2017, Rent the Runway launched its very own campus rep program, that has made quite an impact over the last decade. As of May, the program currently has 450 brand ambassadors from 75 different universities. 


The Best and Brightest Candidates

Rent the Runway seeks the best and brightest candidates to participate in the semester long ambassadorship. During the application process they look for someone who is ambitious, creative, and excels at marketing. They also prefer university students that are interested in fashion. 

Madi Philips, a Rent the Runway campus rep and marketing major from Southern Methodist University, gave some advice to students who think they have what it takes to be a brand ambassador for the company. 

“Before you apply, think about if you are really passionate about the company and if you want to be a personal advocate for them,” said Madi. “Ambassador programs are usually completely voluntary, so you get out of it what you put into it. If it’s something you genuinely enjoy and want to promote, the experience is rewarding, fun, and doesn’t feel like ‘work’.”


The requirements

Prior to applying, university student should consider if they ambassadorship can fit into their schedule. In order to fulfill the role of a campus rep, students must be able to advertise for the brand on their social media accounts and help plan monthly events on campus. Some students who have vast experience in social media marketing are also asked to help curate the Rent the Runway On Campus Instagram page. The intention of the Instagram account, which has over 7,000 followers, is to increase brand awareness towards incoming college students. 

“The cool thing with colleges is every year new students are coming in, so it’s a challenge for us to continue to reach these freshmen and allow them to learn about Rent the Runway,” noted Emily Hollender, Rent the Runaway’s Manager of Community. “Even if they’re not signing up for a membership or renting with us, they’re at least understanding that renting is a smart and sustainable way to get dressed. Once they have a paycheck — post-college — they’ll become subscribers for life.”

If you move forward in the application process, reps will need to provide their GPA as well as the number of followers on their social media accounts. Candidates will also have to dazzle hiring managers in a two-minute video. 


The Experience

Once you ace the interview portion and get hired on as a brand ambassador, expect to have an amazing experience. While reps are not compensated, the ambassadorship will look incredible on a resume. This makes the post-graduation job search all that more easier.

In addition, campus reps are able to make connections in the marketing industry through various webinars and collaborations. Sometimes the brand ambassadorship ends up leading to an internship at the company headquarters, based in New York. 

Fashionistas, in particular, will also appreciate the free subscription service that lasts throughout the duration of the ambassadorship. 


Final thoughts about rent the runway

If you would like to apply to be a Spring 2020 brand rep, be sure to email