What activities does a campus rep do?

A campus rep completes many activities for brands, both online and offline, that are intended to influence their peers.  Activities are broken out into three categories – market research, recruitment and marketing activities. Here are four of the most common activities performed by a campus rep. 


1. Market Research 

Get students’ opinions on your marketing plan before you finalize it. For example, let’s say you manage a movie company and want to learn what other events are happening on campus on a particular day, so that you increase traffic to your movie’s pre-screening. Campus reps can review academic calendars and social media groups to pick the perfect date on their campus. 

Other market research ideas include: 

  • Get students’ opinions on what product in your portfolio should be included in your sampling program 
  • Create a student-based focus group 
  • Select beta testers for your new app 
  • Find out who the decision maker on your campus is for reserving space for a pop up shop 
  • Learn the answers to questions such as: What is the hottest spring break destination? Most popular bar? What does a day in the life of a student look like?
  • Gather hundreds, thousands of responses by having your campus rep’s peers answer these sets of questions 


2. Recruit More Campus Reps 

Long running campus rep programs have a recruitment function built in that allows existing campus reps to recruit new ones. This allows the campus rep program to assist with its own recruitment, freeing time for corporate HR departments. 

For example, your current campus rep could schedule time to talk in front of relevant student organizations on campus to discuss your business’s opportunity. If your brand would prefer to maintain more control over the message, – have your rep play a video on the day in the life of a campus rep instead.

Other recruitment activities your campus rep could perform include: 

  • Ask professors to post information about the campus rep openings 
  • Collect email addresses of students who are interested in applying 
  • Introduce themselves to Career Services on campus 
  • Post the opportunity on their school’s online job board 
  • Post the opportunity on their personal social media pages 


3. Marketing Activities, Both Online and Offline

You have determined what campus reps should talk about from your market research and found campus reps to execute. Here are 37 more common activities we see on college campuses that campus reps could be doing to market your product / service:

  1. Hand out samples of product to their peers 
  2. Speak about your product/brand in front of a class
  3. Speak about your product/brand in front of a student organization 
  4. Reserve space on campus for your tour vehicle 
  5. Get their peers to download your app 
  6. Host an event in a sorority or fraternity house
  7. Share an article you just posted on their social media accounts
  8. Go on your website and post their favorite product to their social media account
  9. Take a picture of your display in the store to ensure the image you want to portray is being met
  10. Put up flyers about your upcoming event
  11. Stencil sidewalk chalkings with #stencilmania 
  12. Impromptu fashion show runway in the Union 
  13. Get front row of your football student section and hold up this poster
  14. Pass out branded moving boxes during move out week 
  15. Give parents water during move in and tell them about the nearest location to buy what they forgot
  16. Participate in a classroom competition with a capstone course on campus 
  17. Gather the mailing addresses of Greek Houses then send the houses a surprise package
  18. Amplify one of your social media posts with more likes, comments, shares
  19. Reserve a table on campus and have students spin to win swag 
  20. Create custom frisbees and tape gift cards to the bottom of them, then have your reps throw them around campus
  21. Create a student organization on campus 
  22. Demo your product 
  23. Pass out popcorn and our new beverage before the campus movies on the weekends
  24. Write on classroom whiteboard / chalkboard a specific message 
  25. Pass out noise canceling headphones in library to promote our new technology 
  26. Branded static clings in all dorm bathrooms prior to move in
  27. Stock dorm room fridges prior to move in
  28. Have students change their social media profile and banner images to ones provided by you
  29. Weekly coupon distribution
  30. Order pizza to be delivered by students who are wearing your branding in a surprise and delight fashion on campus
  31. Give students a link to your website with a unique coupon code 
  32. Create bookmarks with your brand’s information and have students drop them off to their peers studying at the library
  33. Create a bean bag toss game that includes the brand’s product and set it up for people on campus to play
  34. Walk around campus with a sandwich board sign 
  35. Create an intramural sports team and give samples to each opposing team played
  36. Share your song list on Spotify 
  37. Get your brand involved in the largest event on campus 

Final thoughts on what activities does a campus rep do

Talk to student organizations about how to put their best suit forward before a career fair Now that you understand what types of activities are appropriate for a Campus Rep to complete, contact Campus Commandos to help create a personalized college marketing plan for your brand.