HR Recruitment
Expand your HR recruitment initiatives by using your former interns to scale your program on campus.

HR Recruitment

HR Recruitment

what is a HR student ambassador?
A former intern who can provide a scalable approach for your department and carry out a series of activities on their campus to help your HR initiatives.
why us?
We run some of the longest running Student Ambassador Programs.

what clients say


“Thanks so much for sending this over – very interesting results! Whatever we’re doing is working, because we have a record-breaking 1200 applicants, and it’s only been a week and a half! And of those nearly 1200, almost 800 meet our program qualifications, which tells me that we’re getting the right type of applicants. Not surprising to see that Bugatti was the most opened link of all the ones in the e-mail itself – everyone loves a crazy expensive/luxurious car.”

-Cameron, Volkswagen OD & Learning Analyst


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