You just landed your first job out of college and you are beyond pleased: You’re making your own money. But some gigs are so specialized – and so cool – that they offer your work and salary a bit of perspective.

We combed the annals of BuzzFeed, Mashable, and Business Insider for quirky jobs and compiled the following list. And we’re guessing you are going to be a little jealous. Because we know we are.

  1. Whiskey Ambassador. You get to travel the world, and taste and promote brands of whiskey. If this isn’t every man’s dream, then we don’t know what is.
  2. Fortune Cookie Writer. Let’s combine the writer and philosopher within you to write the mini-messages that go inside fortune cookies. Also, you get to select “lucky” numbers.
  3. Video Game Tester. Fitting for folks who have beaten Mario Kart Double Dash and have spent countless hours playing the new Grand Theft Auto.
  4. Golf Ball Divers. ESPN reported that people who are trained to dive for golf balls can make anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. The only downside is murky water. Or gators.
  5. LEGO Builder. Only eight people in the world hold this job – but that makes it even more sought after. You get to spend your day creating sets and building models.
  6. Stanley Cup Keeper. If you’re an NHL superfan, this is your dream job. You follow the Cup as it tours North America – literally guarding what everyone and their dad wants to touch.
  7. Water Slide Tester. Gotta make sure it is safe for the kiddies, right?
  8. Toy Creator. Who knew you could start out at $50,000 for building toys? So this is what Buddy the Elf’s life in the North Pole was supposed to be like.
  9. Professional Computer Hacker. Or at least the ethical version. You get paid a lot of money to hack into software systems and fix any internal problems.
  10. Gold Stacker. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York houses approximately $194 billion worth of 27-pound gold bars. A gold stacker moves each bar, working in short shifts so as not to get too tired.
  11. Bed Tester. You get paid to jump and sleep on beds to classify their level of cushion. Is this real?
  12. Fragrance Creator. You develop and test scents for perfumes, colognes, and other soaps and lotions. Often fragrance creators have master’s degrees or PhD’s in chemistry or biochemistry.
  13. Nail Polish Namer. All college girls are available for work starting today.
  14. Cruise Ship Entertainer. Have a unique talent and the desire to vacation year round? This is your deal.
  15. Doga Instructor. Dogs + yoga = doga. In New York City, there are studios for this type of yoga to do with your dog. And to say your dog only likes to walk around the neighborhood for its exercise!

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