Welcome to the digital age, where tablets and car chargers control our lives. The problem is there are so many apps with so many uses that it’s difficult to find the few that really do cover everything.

Which is why, little overachievers that we are, we have done it for you. (Yeah, we’re that good).

  1. Evernote. Save ‘n’ share. Take notes, write out to-do lists, and set tasks for yourself all in one handy app. You can even save interesting pieces from other platforms – including full webpages – and watch Evernote automatically sync across mobile devices. Connect with others by sharing your collections or using their built-in business card scanner.
  2. Haiku DeckBeautiful presentations. It’s a revolution. Escape run-of-the-mill templates and design your school presentations using Haiku Deck’s huge gallery of stock photos and backgrounds. Then post and share the final product directly from your mobile device.
  3. Google Keep. Digital sticky notes. Why does that sticky stuff unstick so easily? Always falling off the wall or crumbling under books. Which is why it’s helpful to have Google Keep’s collection of notes (lists and photos) – accessible online or via the mobile app.
  4. iA WriterNo distractions. Watch pesky toolbars disappear. iA Writer highlights the sentence you’re editing and grays out the rest. Easily convert to Word or sync to the cloud.
  5. Quip. Edit together. Collaboration has found a new best friend. Groups can work on the same document at the same time. Edits are color-coded, and Quip’s integrated messaging feature makes it easy to talk to your teammates. Without having a million tabs open.
  6. Flipboard. Stay on top of pop culture and industry trends by customizing your own digital magazine by source or topic. Flipboard’s highly-visual format makes it easy to scan headlines.


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