It is the final week of your internship, and you’re feeling pretty great. In fact, you realize that this experience was way better than you expected it’d be. (Goffering notwithstanding). You love what you are doing.

And you know what. Why not make the gig permanent? Take these measures to secure a job post-internship.

  1. Always go above and beyond. Dress nicely, act professionally, ask questions, and be assertive when offering your ideas or recommendations. If you find yourself without much to do, propose side projects or volunteer to lend a hand in other departments.
  2. Befriend your colleagues and impress your supervisors, and they might recommend you for future job openings.
  3. It’s great to get to know everybody, and you should definitely reach out to as many people as possible. But there’s also something to be said for quality over quantity. So find a mentor, whether it’s a supervisor or a knowledgeable staff person, that you respect and get along with. Ask them for advice, and keep in touch with them when your internship is over.
  4. Offer to do some paid contract or freelance work if opportunities aren’t readily available.

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