A brand ambassador app isn’t the only one you should have on your cell phone. It’s Jane’s turn to declare her favorite work hacks/mobile apps.

  1. Coffitivity. Minus the $5 latte. Research shows that the buzz of a coffee shop can actually boost creativity and productivity. Download the Coffitivity app to your desktop or mobile device, choose your sound – like ‘Morning Murmur’ or ‘Lunchtime Lounge’ – and grind.
  2. Wunderlist. Ditch the planner. Wunderlist lets you manage to-do lists, task lists, and deadlines through the cloud.
  3. Google Drive. Power steering. It can be awkward to maneuver Google Docs with your mobile browser. But the Google Drive app makes accessing your files easy.
  4. Google Wallet. Leave your chunky wallet at home. And pay for things online using the Google Wallet app. Even send and receive money with its Gmail extension.
  5. BillGuard. Stick to your budget. BillGuard is a secure finance app that helps you manage your budget. Added bonus: You will receive notifications for any suspicious credit card charges.
  6. Limitless. Be diligent. Install the Limitless Chrome extension and track your time spent online. (You’ll know, for example, just how long you have been surfing Facebook).

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