In a recent article, Forbes encouraged brands to start engaging with millennials. Unlike previous generations, millennials want to feel a connection between themselves and the brands they like. Go Commando has developed an app that makes communicating and establishing a connection with millennials easy and creative. A strategy to reach millennials is developing creative tasks that they find enjoyable and Go Commando offers three distinct types of creative tasks. Each offers students an incentive for performing the task, motivating them to complete tasks faster and deliver more accurate information to you.

  1. Market research: Helps clients gather information about their target customers or millennial consumers. Go Commando allows brands to create quick surveys for college students to complete. In the end, they are more likely to answer surveys because of the monetary incentive they receive for finishing each one. Brands will gain an accurate picture of how millennials view them.
  2. Social media: Starting a conversation on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are important for brands. Many millennials rate products or express their feelings about brands on social media so it is imperative for brands to respond and address these concerns.
  3. Campus representatives: By employing millennials, brands are giving reps incentives to organize events to raise awareness and encourage peers to interact with the product or brand. College students are more likely to listen to their friends than traditional advertisements when it comes to making a purchase, therefore, brands should take advantage of campus rep influence.

After using these strategies, brands like HP and DSW saw an increase in revenue and interaction with millennials. Learn more about each of these creative strategies and how they work by getting our infographic.

photo credit: Faith via photopin (license)

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