Samsung needed a look into millennial buyers, so they used Go Commando App to create a quick survey for college students. The results were pretty amazing, and they got the answers they needed, fast. But a good chunk of their survey’s success has to do with how well they set it up. So what can we learn from them? Here’s what they did:

The Price Was Right

Students were willing to take time out of their day to answer questions because they deemed the task valuable enough. If someone offered you $3 dollars to answer a few questions about yourself, you’d probably say yes. Now factor in that the survey is done on the student’s smartphone, and you’ve got yourself a winning survey strategy.

Questions Were Well-Thought Out, Simple

The survey was easy to understand and asked good targeted questions, making it quick to complete. Samsung avoided the biggest survey no-no’s and got the answers they wanted.

Sampled a Large Enough Group

Samsung surveyed a sample size of 100 students from universities across the country, meaning they had a large, diverse pool of data to collect. When doing marketing research, it’s important to include a variety of perspectives within the demographic or risk skewed results.

Allowed for Extra Feedback

Thanks to Go Commando App’s feedback function, students were able to submit written feedback about the task, the topic, and the use of the app.

Check out the results for yourself by downloading the Samsung Case Study!

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