Earn Money as an Apple Campus Rep

Campus representatives, or brand ambassadors, work on college campuses to promote companies. From clothing brands to technology companies, there’s always a need for brand ambassador college students. You can even earn money as an Apple campus rep.

When you work as an Apple brand ambassador, you meet new people, learn about this technology giant, and earn money. It’s a win-win all around!


What Does an Apple Brand Ambassador Do?

As an Apple brand ambassador, your job is to promote Apple products. This well-known technology company has many products on the consumer market and new ones popping up all the time. 

Apple brand ambassadors talk about Apple products, hand out promotional items, and become the face of the brand on campus. 

Sometimes Apple campus reps host events for the company. These events might focus on product releases, new technology, and other Apple-related news. 

As part of the Apple team, you might have to carry the brand’s accessories around campus or wear clothing with the Apple logo on it. Basically, you’ll be completing all tasks that promote the Apple corporation and its products. 


How Much Money Can an Apple Brand Ambassador Earn?

Now that you know what an Apple campus rep does, you’re probably wondering how much these brand ambassadors get paid.

Campus reps for Apple get paid $11 per hour on average. However, the hourly pay can range from $11-$17.

Here’s what other companies pay their brand ambassadors:


PINK Exclusive PINK merchandise, deals, and incentives
Chipotle $750 per semester, food vouchers, and Chipotle swag
Amazon Prime Student $100 per week
Lyft $10 per passenger referral; $750 per driver referral
New Balance $15 per hour
The Honest Company $15 per hour


The cash is a tempting incentive, but Apple brand ambassadors may also receive other types of compensation. As a campus rep for Apple, you might receive technology equipment to use around campus. If earning money and perhaps a laptop or iPhone to carry and use on campus sounds good to you, fill out an application to be an Apple brand ambassador.

How to Sign Up to Be a Brand Representative for Apple

If you’re interested in applying to be an Apple campus rep, here are a few steps to follow to get started:

Step One: Have the Necessary Qualifications

Before you fill out an application to be an Apple brand ambassador on campus, make sure you’re qualified to do the job and can be a good student brand ambassador. Here are some attributes all Apple campus reps should have:

  • Love technology
  • Be technologically-savvy
  • Be friendly and approachable 
  • Not afraid of public speaking
  • Eager to promote the Apple brand
  • Know the best ways to reach the target audience

If you have all these qualifications, you’re well on your way to impressing the Apple team!


Step Two: Enrolled at a Four-Year University

An additional requirement is that you are currently enrolled at a four-year university

You have to be a current student and able to fulfill your duties on campus as a brand ambassador for Apple. 


Step Three: Fill Out the Application

When you know you have the qualifications to fill the Apple brand ambassador role, it’s time to apply. 

Visit the Apple website, click on the Jobs section, and apply for the Apple Campus Leader position. 


Step Four: Get Ready to Promote the Apple Brand

Once you’ve thrown your name in the running to be a campus rep for Apple, you can sit back, relax, and wait for someone to contact you. 

In the meantime, do some research on the latest Apple products to hit the consumer market. This way you can show off your brand knowledge when a hiring manager contacts you for an interview.


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Apply to Be an Apple Campus Rep

If you love technology and you’re an avid Apple fan, apply to be an Apple campus rep today. With this part-time job, you’ll earn money and possibly some Apple products, too.

Plus, adding Apple brand ambassador experience to your resume is sure to stand out as a positive aspect to future employers.


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