Simply put, millennials are changing the marketing game. This new generation of consumers are not buying products like their parents did. U.S millennials reported that they are most influenced by family, friends and strangers rather than advertisements and experts. In order to become successful with millennials, brands must understand what is important to them and what makes them tick. Brands, like HP, are developing methods, such as campus representative programs, to establish relationships and trust with these new consumers.

According to Forbes, brands need to engage with millennials through a conversation. What better way to do that than to hire them as representatives and allow them to communicate the importance of your product with their friends? BCG Perspectives found that 59% of millennials ask their friends for their opinion when making a purchase. When deciding between your brand who has a campus rep program and a competitor who doesn’t, millennials will most likely choose your brand since programs raise awareness and ultimately, trust.

It should be no surprise that millennials love social media. They read and write product reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you see someone from the age of 19 – 29, they are most likely sharing an experience on their computer or smartphone. Brands need to understand the significance of social media to millennials if they are to survive. Since millennials stay connected online almost 24/7, brands should develop a strong social media presence. Campus representatives can help you achieve this by telling their friends to like your Facebook page, post attractive photos of your products on Instagram, and tweet about new offers on their Twitter accounts. If the representatives have a lot of influence, then your brand will gain a lot of positive attention.

For example, recently HP started a campus representative program in several colleges nationwide and they are seeing positive results. Brands should follow their lead and do the same if they want to “start the conversation” with millennials. Download the HP case study to learn about their success and how to implement their experience into developing your brand’s own program.

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