Market research is an essential tool for companies to find success in their marketing campaigns. Whether you are creating a new product or redefining a brand, collecting relevant data about your target audience helps develop an improved approach to any marketing problem. Knowing the value that millennials place on your company serves as an important measure of your success. Surveys are one of the best forms of conducting primary market research due to their extensive number of advantages.

  1. Understand Your Students

Surveys can give you valuable insight into millennials’ opinions of your business. Their needs, dislikes and personalities can all be discovered by gearing your questions towards issues which can then be used to create marketing strategies involving market segmentation or product differentiation.

  1. Gauge Your Competition

College students often purchase from several different competitors. With so many companies jockeying for position in the marketplace, millennials may develop preference for a certain brand or product. Asking questions specific to your products comparatively to others can help keep you on track with your rival companies.

  1. Large Reach

Online surveys have the ability to spread on a massive scale. Survey-takers have relatively little trouble clicking a link and answering a few questions as opposed to other ineffective ways of market research. Especially with the right incentives such as monetary rewards, your audience will be eager to hand you information.

  1. Accurate Answers

Inaccurate and untruthful answers can reduce the effectiveness and throw off components of your market research. Researchers have found that online surveys produce longer, detailed responses. In particular, confidentiality incites more accurate and helpful answers.

  1. Easy to Develop and Administer

Once you have your marketing goals in mind, surveys can be administered through many different mediums including social media, paper, telephone, face-to-face campus reps or online. Using survey platforms like Go Commando App allows you to easily create and design the survey. Online surveys are minimally time-consuming for you and your student audience and improves the data analysis process as well.

Go Commando App has bridged the gap from company to student, making it easier than ever to gain the insight you need to adapt your business’s marketing plans. HP used Go Commando for their survey needs, see the results in the case study!

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