It’s probably been a few years since you were in college, but we’re willing to bet that your fondest memories from back in the day don’t take place in a classroom setting.

Despite what parents like to believe, a university-sponsored craft night is not the epitome of college social life. While a select few students may enjoy using copious amounts of glitter glue on a Friday night, the majority of their peers are hitting the restaurants, bars, sporting events, and parties off campus.

That’s where having a pulse on campus life comes in. Whether you’re interested in finding out their shopping habits or want a few students to pass out merch by the bar, Go Commando App not only gets you instantly qualified campus reps, but allows your brand to infiltrate every corner of campus life. So before you show up at the student union to promote your brand, take a few minutes to really assess where your efforts will be most effective.

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photo credit: forget via photopin (license)

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