You need to reach a millennial audience, but have no way to spread the word. Campus reps are a great solution to many pain points brands face in creating and maintaining a campus rep program and Go Commando App solves a lot of these. Not convinced? Here are a few things the students have to say about us:


Go Commando’s video capture feature is just one way students can send their proof of work in for brands to accept. Other options include image capture, check-ins, surveys, and more. These features guarantee that you only pay for the work students actually complete.


Working with Go Commando App is the same as having your own campus rep program, but easier. We take care of the logistics and bring the reps to you. All you have to do as a brand is pick the specifics of the task and approve the work.


If you work with a campus rep that does a great job, brands have the opportunity to award a brand badge, meaning that brand can choose to offer jobs specifically to that representative. It gives you ultimate control over your representation.

These are just a few student reviews of their experiences with Go Commando App. We want to enhance their experience and that can only be done with more great brands like you. If you’re looking for ways to build a successful campus rep network, get a free demo of Go Commando App now!

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Who is Campus Commandos?

Our college marketing agency functions to serve two purposes; to provide opportunity for college students, and to market products and services on behalf of brands to students on college campuses and universities across the United States. Contact us to learn more.