Large and Small Companies Have Campus Reps

Many companies use campus reps to get the word out about their products and services. And it’s not just one size company that uses this marketing method. Large and small companies hire campus reps to publicize their products to peers on college campuses across the country. Even medium-sized companies realize the benefits to using this marketing tactic. So, you might wonder what companies have campus reps?

All types of companies hire campus representatives to provide brand promotion at colleges and universities. Clothing companies, shoe brands, food and beverage businesses, and others use brand ambassadors to promote their products. 

Keep reading to find out more about the companies that use campus reps for brand promotion and see if this type of marketing strategy is for you. The answer will likely be a resounding, “Yes!”

What Are Campus Reps?

Campus reps are college students who work for your company as brand marketers. These individuals are in the midst of your target audience and the right people to get the word out on your brand. 

Campus brand ambassadors can complete a variety of tasks for your business. Here are some of the job duties your campus reps can handle for you:


  • Hand out promotional items
  • Handle your social media accounts
  • Host in-person events on campus
  • Wear your brand items or use your products
  • Answer questions about your brand
  • Be the in-person representative for your company


When you hire brand ambassadors on campuses, you’re getting your company offerings out to those who will buy your products or use your services. Your marketing strategy is put into motion by a peer of these college students. This is an individual who can talk about your company and the products and services you offer. And it’s someone your target audience likely knows and trusts. 

A recent study showed how important the role of a campus brand ambassador can be for a company. The study results showed that 82% of consumers were highly likely to follow a micro-influencer’s recommendation. A campus brand rep is someone who can fall within this category of a micro-influencer. 

How Do Brand Reps Help Your Business?

Brand reps help your business in many ways. These individuals help you increase your sales, boost your visibility to a target audience, and provide you with an easy way to get the word out to college students on campuses. 

Best of all, you can hire campus reps to work at a wide array of colleges and universities. You can start slow and add a few campus reps to one or two campuses. Or you might be ready to go full force with this marketing strategy and hire campus reps at colleges across the country. 

And once you put your brand ambassador program into motion, you’ll find eager college students reaching out to you for brand ambassador positions at their schools.


Companies That Use Campus Brand Ambassadors

The list of companies that use campus brand ambassadors is long and impressive. Whatever category your business falls within, you’ll likely find your competitors use brand ambassador programs to market their products. The best way to tackle the competition is to get your brand name out there, too.

Here are some well-known companies that use campus reps to promote their products:

  • Bumble
  • TikTok
  • PINK
  • Amazon
  • Heelys
  • And more!

These companies employ a wide array of tactics to get the word out on their brand. Some brand ambassadors focus on handing out free products and discussing the offerings while others pursue their brand ambassador role by creating social media posts, hosting events on campus, and wearing or using the company’s products. 

Some companies that use brand ambassadors pay hourly wages while others use a combination of pay and free product giveaways to compensate campus reps and expand their hiring base.

student content creators

Companies Have Campus Reps and So Can You

If you’re looking for a way to reach college students, you should roll out a brand ambassador program. You can choose the college campuses you want to advertise on and figure out how you’d like your campus reps to market your products and services. 

Don’t let the competition win and reach your desired target audience before you! Start your campus brand ambassador program today and see how it can work wonders by increasing your customer base and improving your sales numbers. 

Contact Campus Commandos and let our professional team create the ideal brand ambassador program for you! 


Who is Campus Commandos?

Our college marketing agency functions to serve two purposes; to provide opportunity for college students, and to market products and services on behalf of brands to students on college campuses and universities across the United States. Contact us to learn more.