Become a Brand Ambassador as a College Student

If you’re currently enrolled in college and want a part-time job, you can become a brand ambassador. When you apply to be a brand ambassador as a college student, you can earn money and company products, meet new people, and expand your resume. By taking a few easy steps, you can become a brand ambassador as a college student.

When you work as a brand ambassador in college, you will act as an in-person representative of a specific company. From clothing companies like PINK to technology companies such as Apple, you can work for big brand name companies, earn cash or products, and have a job role to add to your resume. 

Ready to learn more about campus rep positions? Here are some finer details on this job position as well as five easy steps to get the job application ball rolling!

What Does a College Student Brand Ambassador Do?

Maybe you’ve heard of college student brand ambassadors, but aren’t quite sure what this job role entails. A college brand ambassador is a college student that works for a specific company to promote the products or services of the business.

As a brand ambassador, you will complete many duties, which may include the following: 

  • Host in-person product events
  • Hand out company products
  • Answer questions about the company and its services and products
  • Wear brand clothing or use company products on campus
  • Handle social media posts for the company

There are many roles the company may want you to fill on campus. Since you’re a college student, you’re in an excellent position to get the word out on the brand and help the business sell its products and services through this type of marketing technique. 

Are You the Right Fit for a Brand Ambassador Position?

So, are you the right fit for this type of brand ambassador position? Here are some questions to help you decide if being a campus representative is the right job for you:

  • Current college student?
  • Are you outgoing?
  • Are you comfortable promoting products and services in a sales-oriented manner?
  • Do you like meeting new people?
  • Are you flexible with regard to various job duties?
  • Do you want to make money, earn products, and build your resume?
  • Are you social media savvy?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, you may want to enter your name in the running for a brand ambassador position. 

5 Easy Steps to Apply to Be a Campus Brand Ambassador

If you’re ready to apply to be a campus brand ambassador, here are five easy steps to take:

Step 1: See Who’s Hiring

Before you can start a new job as a campus rep, you have to see who’s hiring. Learn about campus rep opportunities through Campus Commandos, a premier college marketing agency. You can visit the social influencer page to see which companies are hiring. You can also use job search engines to learn more about companies hiring brand ambassadors. 

Step 2: Learn About the Company Products and Services

Once you find out which companies are hiring and zone in on the brands you want to work with, learn about the company itself and products or services it offers. When you do so, you’ll know for sure it’s a company you want to work for. Doing some initial research will also help you prepare for any upcoming interviews. 

Step 3: Apply for the Position

If you like a certain company and want to apply to be a brand ambassador, the next step is to fill out an application. If you find a company through the Campus Commandos website, you can apply online and get your application to the company with ease.


Step 4: Wait for a Reply

Once you fill out your application, sit back, relax, and wait for a response. The company will respond if they want to continue on to the next step with your application, interview you, and hire you for the brand ambassador position. 

Step 5: Get Ready to Start Your New Part-Time Job

If the company feels you’re a good fit for their brand, they’ll reach out to you and hire you to be a brand ambassador on your college campus. Once you’re hired, you can start getting the word out on the brand and help the company increase its reach to students on your campus. 

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Apply to Be a Brand Ambassador as a College Student Today

Now’s the perfect time to apply to be a brand ambassador as a college student. Even if you’re currently on summer break, it’s a wise idea to think ahead and prepare for the upcoming fall semester at your university. 

Find out more about campus brand ambassadors and the opportunities you may have to make money as a campus rep by visiting the Campus Commandos website


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