How much do Zipcar Campus Reps get paid?

Are you a university student who is looking for a paid position? 

Do you happen to be a fan of the car-sharing service Zipcar? 


If so, consider applying to become a Zipcar campus rep!

The program is popular for many reasons. For one, Fuse pays its reps, which can not be said for all companies that have brand ambassador programs. 

So how much can a Zipcar campus rep expect to be paid? 

Here’s what we know. 


In 2018, Zip Car offered Campus Reps $25 an hour 

According to a job listing from 2018, Zip Car offered $25 per hour to be a Zipcar campus rep. 

Ambassadors only worked 5 hours a week, meaning that they would make a total of $500 a month. 

As of 2020, Zipcar has removed payment information from their Campus Rep Job posts. However, the company has asserted that they do still pay reps. 


To Receive Payment, Zipcar Campus Reps Must Do A Variety Of Tasks 

To receive payment,Zipcar expects campus reps to do a variety of tasks. For one, brand ambassadors must promote the company to their fellow college students.

If ZipCar hires you as a campus rep, you will have to do some social media marketing on behalf of the brand. They will also require you to partner with different on-campus groups to promote Zipcar. 


There Are Certain Traits That Zip Car Looks For When Hiring Zip Car Campus Reps 

If you are thinking about taking the steps to become a Zipcar campus rep, there are a few things to consider. 

For one, I am passionate about Zipcar. The company also wants creative individuals who are personable and are familiar with various on-campus groups like Greek Life. 

In addition, Zipcar campus reps must be dedicated workers. They don’t want you working with other brands on campus at the same time. 

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Final Thoughts On How Much Zipcar Campus Reps Get Paid

It is unclear how much Zipcar pays their campus reps today. However, in 2018, the company’s brand ambassadors made $25 an hour and worked 5 hours a week.  

This means Zipcar brand representatives took home $500 every month. While this amount of money may not cover a university student’s rent, it is still a nice chunk of change. 

Zip Car is interested in hiring college students who have a good social life and an excellent understanding of social media marketing. These traits are necessary because Zipcar campus reps must regularly interact with on-campus groups and upload promotional posts on social media. 

The job is also ideal for anyone who genuinely loves Zipcar. 

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