How Much Money Can You Get For A Semester As A College Brand Rep? 

Are you interested in applying to be a college brand rep?

If you answered “yes” then you may be interested in learning how you will be compensated per semester.

Well, it depends on the program. For instance, you may receive an hourly rate, typically somewhere between $10 to $15. 

This means you can make a decent amount of money at a job that allows you to have a flexible schedule and gives experience that will look incredible on your resume. 

 Some campus ambassador programs, however, may only give commissions based on sales. Others may even be unpaid, but give the campus reps swag and free trips as forms of compensation. 

Here are what some of the most popular campus ambassador programs pay their reps. 




Pura Vita is one of the most popular campus brand ambassador programs, with over 100,000 reps worldwide. If you become a rep for the company, you will be tasked to get new clients for the lifestyle and accessory brand through social media posts. 

As for pay, you will get a 10% sales commission. Reps receive payment every month through Paypal. 

“I post [on Instagram] about their products or any promotions that they have. And then I get a [10%] commission based on the sales that I get,” said Ariana Afonso, a Pura Vita campus rep at the University of Illinois.




According to Glassdoor, PINK campus reps typically get $13 to $14 an hour. During the program, you will work between 8 to 10 hours per week. 

You will divide your time between sharing posts on social media, organizing events, and attending meetings. While that amount of work may sound intimidating for a college student, Cheyenne Porcher, a PINK campus rep from NYU, has assured it is doable. 

“You just have to schedule it in just like everything else you do. When there’s passion and a will, there’s a way,” explained Porcher during a 2020 interview with NYU Local. 

Reps also receive all-expense paid trips to the company’s headquarters for training and PINK merchandise. Said merchandise ranges from skincare to some PINK signature clothing pieces. 

This brand ambassador program is ideal for those who love cosmetics and fashion. 




The popular dating app, Tinder, established its brand ambassador program, called Tinder U, in 2018. Reps have numerous roles, including communicating with different on-campus organizations and posting on behalf of the company on social media.

In 2020, Syracuse University‘s newspaper The Daily Orange interviewed a Tinder U rep named Alivia Cioffi. At the time, the ambassador was a junior studying psychology. 

The publication noted that she was paid $500 to upload eight posts about Tinder on her Instagram account. She also received “free merchandise.”

“I think in a generation that is so internet-based and social media-based, it’s such easy money, and people are just trying to figure out a way of how to gain money by living their daily lives,” explained the rep.




For the most part, Apple brand reps are tasked with educating college students and community members about the company’s products. In general, ambassadors spend 10 to 14 hours a week planning events, holding demonstrations, and leading presentations. 

The pay is $10 to $11 per hour. This means you can expect about $1,890 per semester.

 On top of that, brand campus reps receive popular Apple products, such as Apple Watches, laptops, and iPhones. 



College Brand Rep: COCA-COLA 

Coca-Cola gives college students a chance to work for the brand for an entire year. Campus ambassadors for the company will utilize their social media accounts for brand promotion. Over the year, Coca-Cola reps can make up to $2,000.

Another incentive is that you will receive excellent marketing experience and have the opportunity to make invaluable connections. 

“Being a Coca-Cola Campus Ambassador has allowed me to share moments of optimism and happiness with my campus community. I have been able to grow personally and professionally which has prepared me for life after college. The connections the company has provided me have been the foundation of my college experience,” said Brennen Feder, a Coca-Cola campus ambassador at the University of Arizona.


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College Brand Rep Payment

Being a campus brand ambassador is an ideal job for any college student, who is looking for a job with a flexible schedule. Not only can you have an amazing experience that will look great on a resume while still focusing on your studies. 

Best of all you get paid. 

How much you will get paid per semester will depend from program to program. Typically, the payment ranges from $10 to $20. 

Most programs also do not expect their ambassadors to work more than 15 hours a week. Quite a few ambassador programs offer an hourly wage as well as other incentives, like free merchandise and paid trips.


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