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This is an amazing paid opportunity for an entire year-long job representing Coca-Cola.

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Become a Coca-Cola Brand Ambassador

Curious about what being a brand ambassador for Coca-Cola involves? You are in the right place! This is an amazing paid opportunity for a year-long job representing Coca-Cola. We have student reps across the country who love Coca-Cola. Find out what our current reps are saying to see if this job would be a good fit for you. For consideration, you’ll need to complete the application in its entirety.


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Meet Aaron Kail

Sr. Marketing Manager at The Coca-Cola Company

For more details on the program, feel free to reach out to Aaron via linkedin. Aaron leads the program for Coca-Cola and can answer any questions you may have.

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Meet Brennen Feder, University of Arizona

“Being a Coca-Cola Campus Ambassador has allowed me to share moments of optimism and happiness with my campus community. I have been able to grow personally and professionally which has prepared me for life after college. The connections the company have provided me has been the foundation of my college experience.” 

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