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This is an amazing paid opportunity for an entire year-long job representing The Coca-Cola Company.

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Become a Coca-Cola Campus Ambassador

Curious about what being a Campus Ambassador for Coca-Cola involves? You are in the right place! This is an amazing paid opportunity for a year-long job representing Coca-Cola. We have over 100 students across the country who represent Coca-Cola on their campus and social media. Find out what our ambassadors are saying to see if this job would be a good fit for you. For consideration, you’ll need to complete the application in its entirety.


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Meet Mariangelix Cordero-Bonilla

Sr. Marketing Manager at The Coca-Cola Company

For more details on the program, feel free to reach out to Mariangelix via LinkedIn. Mariangelix leads the program for Coca-Cola and can answer any questions you may have.

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Meet Chris Coppola

Client Coordinator at You Are Here

“My experience as a Coca-Cola Campus Ambassador at Seton Hall University, was one of the most defining aspects of my college career. This role truly helped to shape my future, career goals, and even led me to completely change my course of study. The opportunities made available through this position are endless as my time as a Campus Ambassador finished with an Internship at You Are Here and an eventual full-time job offer, that I would not have gotten without the Campus Ambassador Program. You never know where you will find yourself if you don’t take the risk of trying something new. I am grateful for my time as a Coca-Cola Campus Ambassador and would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone that has the opportunity.” 

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Meet Madison Gaydon

Marketing Capabilities Coordinator at The Coca-Cola Company

“My time as the Mississippi State Coke Campus Ambassador opened up so many doors in my career! It opened up a huge door through an internship at Coke Headquarters in Atlanta, GA which then led to my full-time role with the company. My advice would be to make the most out of this opportunity and network with everyone you meet through this position whether that’s with your bottler, on-campus facility members, and all of the Campus Ambassadors. Cheers!”

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Meet some of the Coca-Cola program alumni who got hired at Coca-Cola.



This year all training will be virtual.


You will be required to attend training as well as monthly webinars and/or meetings. Training will be held in Atlanta in July, but there will be a virtual option if you cannot attend in-person.


Topics at training include: “What It Means to Be an Ambassador, Campus Commandos Overview and the IWorkForCokeCA App, Senior Leaders from The Coca-Cola Company, Social Guidelines, How to Work With Your Bottler and University, Ambassador Best Practices, Sustainability and World Without Waste, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and more!”


Social Media

Campus Ambassadors utilize social media throughout the year using #iworkforcokeca to promote The Coca-Cola Company and its diverse portfolio of products.

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