Youth Marketing Agency
Use the 7 questions below in your search to ensure you hire a youth marketing agency that resonates with college students to deliver a good return on investment for your company’s future.

Youth Marketing Agency

7 Questions When Hiring Youth Marketing Agency

Question #1

How Have You Evolved?

What are a few specific ways your agency has evolved over the past few years? Is the agency still interacting with students as part of Campus Rep / Brand Ambassador Programs entirely through a website, or have they incorporated more communication through a mobile device?

Question #2

How Are You Different?

What’s a specific capability that differentiates you from competitors? Ask questions about their business practices. For example, “How do you interview students for brand ambassador positions?”

Question #3

Industry Knowledge?

Do you have knowledge of my industry? When you find someone who has worked with similar companies, you spend less time educating them and more time on execution.

mobile vs desktop

“Mobile has quickly moved from being just another way to consume content to a platform that helps us accomplish more all day, every day. While the desktop computer is of course still relevant, digital media consumption on mobile devices has truly skyrocketed in the past several years…. 21 percent of millennials are no longer using desktops to go online,” comScore said.