Campus Rep and College Marketing Consulting
Our campus rep consulting is 100% guaranteed to provide you value. Pick our brain and gain insight into the youth marketing world.

Campus Rep Consulting


our guarantee
Campus Commandos Consulting is 100% guaranteed to provide you value.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you’re not satisfied with the insights you receive from our consultation, simply let our team member know before we leave the room or hang up the phone and you won’t pay a single dime for the day. That’s how confident Campus Commandos is in our ability to help you.

Common Topic
Issues / Challenges

How do we measure? Why didn’t that work?

Common Topic
Market Research

How is Gen Z viewing this versus Millennials?

Common Topic
Best Activation

What activities should we include in our marketing plan?

Common Topic
Right Target

Who is our ideal student? Our ideal timeframe? Our ideal message?

our method
Campus Commandos focuses on a proven method to drive sales for your brand. See our method below.
Method: Step 1
Ideal Mixology Program

Identify ideals for your program: Student, Timing, and Messaging.
Identify right ingredients.

Method: Step 2
Brand Awareness Program

Leading activation that makes your company top of mind. We planted a viable seed.

Method: Step 3
Brand Preference Program

Building relationships. A single activation is not enough, with competitors constantly trying to get in front of this ideal demographic. We continue to nurture that seed.

Method: Step 4
Sales Conversion Program

Go Commando Implementation to ensure buying habits are forming. Reaping benefits of the seed.

Method: Step 1 Example
Identified Target

Ideal Student:
Finance & Engineering

Ideal Timing:

Ideal Message:
Personal Exam Assistant

Method: Step 2 Example
Identified Activation

Orientation leaders passing out back-to-school checklists on tours.

Method: Step 3 Example
Continued Activations

Student influencers posting on their social media accounts.

Method: Step 4 Example
Campaign Results

“On HP shopping, we’ve seen 60% sales growth for the 50G and 7% growth for the 10bII+.”


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