What are the reasons to become a student brand ambassador on your college campus?

Brands use many marketing techniques to get the word out on their company. Using a student brand ambassador method is one successful technique companies use. 

If you are a student enrolled in college, this job opportunity might pique your interest. So, why become a student brand ambassador?

When you work as a brand ambassador, you can fulfill your job role in many ways. And companies compensate them for doing so! From a paid salary to free products, a student brand ambassador receives a lot of perks for their hard work. 

As a brand ambassador, you tell others about the brand. You can do so through social media posts or face-to-face contact. Through many methods, you will help a company grow.

No matter how you publicize the brand, your student brand ambassador job is sure to be easy and fun to complete. 

Let’s dive in and explore what a student ambassador is and the reasons to become one on your college campus!


What is a Student Brand Ambassador?

They are the in-person cheerleader for a company. Student brand ambassadors promote a brand by using various methods to do so. 

An ambassador may do any of the following on campus:

  • Hand out company flyers
  • Host in-person or Zoom events for the benefit of the company
  • Wear brand name clothing 
  • Hand out company samples and freebies
  • Create social media posts

As an ambassador, you are a liaison between the company and customers. So, you need to deliver the message well and to as many people as possible. 


7 Top Reasons to Become a Student Brand Ambassador

So, why should you take that big step and become a student brand ambassador? For many reasons!


1. Make Money as a Student Brand Ambassador

As a student brand ambassador, you’ll get paid. Many companies pay their student brand ambassadors while other companies offer product perks.  

When you sign up to be a brand ambassador for a company, you can earn money. You go about your daily routine, talk about the brand, and complete other simple tasks on campus. 

2. Get Freebies Working

When you work as a student brand ambassador, you may also get freebies from the company. These free items can include company products and services. 

All types of companies use campus brand ambassadors to spread the word of their company. This includes anything from large beverage companies to popular clothing brands. 

3. Build Your Resume

Student brand ambassadors also have a great way to enhance their resumes. When you write down that you worked with a popular, well-known brand, this is sure to carry weight in the job market. 

College students often lack job experience on their resumes. But, when you work as an ambassador, this is certain to add a favorable feature to your resume.


4. Connect with People You Know on Campus

When you work as a brand ambassador, you let others know about the brand. You’ll advertise the brand to acquaintances and close friends. 

And when you connect with other college students, you help the company expand its reach. This helps the brand attract new customers. 

5. Enjoy Fun Events While Making Money

Student brand ambassadors host fun events. Best of all, you can make money while doing so.

When you work as a college brand ambassador, you might hand out samples or host company events on campus. These events are excellent ways to meet new people and have fun while getting a paycheck. 

6. Expand Job Possibilities with the Brand

You can also expand your job possibilities when you work as a brand ambassador. Upon graduation, you might work with a company like the one you worked with to help build their brand. 

You also get excellent marketing training by being a brand ambassador. You learn many aspects of marketing in your ambassador role. This is job experience you can use in the future.

7. Meet New People in Your Student Ambassador Role

As a student ambassador, you market the brand to those you know. You also advertise the company name to those individuals you’ve never met before. 

When you work as a brand ambassador, you can meet many new people in your job role. This is beneficial for personal aspects and professional reasons as well.

You want to advertise the brand to as many people as possible and can do so by meeting new people.  

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Make Money and Expand Your Horizons

Now that you know what a student brand ambassador does and why you should become one, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Contact Campus Commandos to learn more about the student brand ambassador role. Find out which companies are hiring campus brand ambassadors and apply to be one of them. 


Who is Campus Commandos?

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