What Do PINK Campus Reps Receive?

Have you ever been curious about what PINK campus reps receive during their semester-long ambassadorship? 


One of the reasons why PINK currently has over 200 reps all over the United States and Canada is that this brand ambassador program offers numerous benefits.

For one, PINK does pay its campus reps. However, there is not a fixed rate, as it varies based on the rep’s state’s minimum wage. 

Reps also receive merchandise from the company, which may appeal to university students who happen to be fashion-oriented. 

If you become a PINK campus rep, here is what you can expect to receive. 


PINK Campus Reps Receive Plenty of Free Merchandise 

Throughout the semester, PINK will send campus reps merchandise. When PINK reps first start their ambassadorship, they receive a welcome kit. 

For the 2021 Summer semester, the welcome kit included undergarments, biker shorts, a graphic T-shirt, an active set, and a sweatshirt. The company also gave reps an invitation to the PINK campus rep kick-off, which takes place in Columbus, Ohio, where the company’s headquarters are located. 


PINK Pays For Training In Columbus, Ohio

PINK pays for all its brand ambassadors to attend the free training session in Columbus, Ohio, which takes place over three days. The cost of lodging and food is also included. 

During the PINK campus rep kick-off, brand ambassadors attend panels and lectures led by executives to give them better insight into the company. 

While at the training session, reps also receive even more merchandise. 


Some Brand Ambassadors Will Receive Extra Perks

PINK campus reps who go above and beyond are rewarded accordingly. 

In December 2020, Meili Zhang, a current UCLA PINK campus rep, revealed in a YouTube video that the company “will recognize a couple colleges for the events that they put on.” She explained that she and her co-rep organized a fitness event that impressed the higher-ups at PINK. 

Because of the event’s success, the company sent Zhang a package full of goodies, such as an Apple Watch, a pair of Nike Air Force Ones, a duffle bag, fitness clothing, an oversized T-shirt, scrunchies, and masks. 

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Final Thoughts About What PINK Campus Rep Receive 

There is a reason why so many college students are interested in becoming PINK campus reps. 

University students appreciate that it is a paid position. 

Another perk is that the company often sends its reps merchandise. 

For instance, this year’s latest welcome package had various clothing items and undergarments. It is worth mentioning that PINK’s apparel is not exactly cheap. The welcome package retailed for at least $200. 

PINK also gives extra incentives to reps who put on amazing events. 

In addition, the company sends each rep to a 3-day training session in Columbus, Ohio, completely free of charge.


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