Learn What College Students Gain From a Campus Rep Program

If you’re familiar with brand ambassadors on your campus or have seen social media posts from campus reps, you might have an idea what this role is. However, you may not know what a college student gains from being a college brand ambassador

There are many benefits you can gain from a campus rep program.

As a campus rep, you are out amongst your peers helping a specific company promote its brand. And you don’t work for free! When a company hires you as a brand ambassador, you’ll likely get paid an hourly or per-semester wage. Plus, you can also grab some pretty spectacular brand products at the same time.

Read on to learn more about what a campus rep does, how to find a brand ambassador job, and what you gain from a campus representative program of this type.

What Does a Brand Ambassador Do?

A brand ambassador fills many job roles. The exact duties depend on the company’s needs and the type of marketing they want to pursue. 

To give you an idea as to what your daily duties might be, here are some common campus rep tasks: 


  • Hand out flyers about company products and product promotions
  • Hand out products
  • Offer coupons on company services
  • Create social media posts about the brand
  • Wear brand name clothing and use company name products on campus
  • Host on-campus events 

Basically, any task where you promote the brand might fall under your campus rep duties.

And your brand ambassador job may change throughout the semester. You might start out creating social media posts and wearing brand name clothing on campus but then add on in-person events and product distribution. 

As the marketing needs of the company change, so might your campus rep role.

What Do You Gain From Campus Rep Programs?

There is so much you gain from being a campus representative and being part of a campus rep program. You can build your resume and earn cash and products while you attend school. 

Campus rep programs offer college students an easy way to socialize with their peers and earn spending cash at the same time.

When you work as a campus rep, you also may be able to establish a professional work connection with a popular brand name company. This will look great on your resume. Plus, it may help you find a job when you graduate from college, either working with the company you were a campus rep with or in a marketing role with a different company.

In addition, as a campus rep, you can gain valuable skills in marketing and advertising including the following:

  • Learn how to market products
  • Get comfortable networking with peers and potential clients
  • Get in touch with your inner creativity
  • Explore potential future careers
  • Establish your name and place in the local marketing industry

Campus rep programs are more than just a part-time job to make money. These roles provide college students with a way to get a head start on a potential marketing career, improve their professional skills, and know the sky’s the limit. 

How Do You Apply to Be a Campus Rep?

When the time comes to apply to be a campus rep, you should do the following:

  • Find out which companies are hiring campus reps at your college
  • Learn about the company products and/or services
  • Revise your resume and create a cover letter that fits the job position
  • Use a college marketing company, such as Campus Commandos, to connect with the company of your choice

Once you have all this in order, you’re ready to apply to be a brand ambassador on your college campus.

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Don’t Wait to Gain From a Campus Rep Program

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a college student and want to earn extra money and build your resume, apply to be a campus rep today! Especially now that you know what you gain from a campus rep program.

Visit the Campus Commandos website and learn more about the brand ambassador opportunities available to you! 


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