How to Use Campus Ambassadors to Benefit Your Company

As a business owner, you want to take certain steps to market your company. The marketing tactics you use will determine how you expand your customer base and the number of new customers you receive. One way companies market their brand is by using campus ambassadors. Therefore, when you know how to use campus ambassadors to encourage your brand, you can benefit your company!

Campus brand ambassadors provide company owners with an easy and successful way to get the word out on their products and services. By using campus reps, you have a company representative right there on campus, in the middle of countless potential new customers. This marketing strategy helps you expand your reach and allows your brand to be seen by many!

Even during the pandemic, companies were still using campus ambassadors to get the word out on their company offerings. Now’s the time to add campus brand ambassadors to your company and make this marketing strategy work for you. 

Read on to learn how campus reps help your business flourish, what campus ambassadors do, and how they’ll encourage your brand.

Why Campus Reps Help Businesses

Campus reps are an important part of business marketing. These company hires are in-person campus representatives who provide you with an easy way to reach potential customers. 

Rather than rely on social media alone to promote your brand, you can use campus reps to market your products to other college students.   

In addition to having access to college students and building your customer base that way, hiring campus brand ambassadors is cost-efficient, too. You can pay your brand ambassadors an hourly wage or provide them with free products and services as compensation.

When you hire campus reps to help your business, you are using marketing tactics that are cost-effective and work!

What Brand Ambassadors Do

Brand ambassadors complete a variety of tasks for companies. Campus reps can host on-campus events to talk about your products or wear your brand name clothing around campus to get the word out on your company without saying a word.

Here are some other duties campus reps complete:

  • Create social media posts 
  • Spread the word about your company through casual conversations on campus 
  • Attend campus events on behalf of your brand
  • Attend campus fundraisers as a company sponsor
  • Hand out products to other college students


You can pick and choose the brand ambassador tasks that work for your company. If you’re not sure which brand ambassador activities will result in the most potential client interest, try out a few different methods. 

When you have a friendly, confident brand ambassador representing your company on campus, you can sit back, relax, and let this marketing technique work for your company. 

How to Use Campus Reps to Build Your Brand

If you’re ready to start your campus representative program, here are a few ways to use campus reps to encourage your brand:

Start Out Small

Since you’re new to the brand ambassador program, start out small. Pick one or two universities and then hire campus reps to work at those locations. 

Also, start with just a few campus reps at each college. This way you can see if a brand ambassador program works for your company. 

Use a Few Different Marketing Strategies

If you’re unsure which marketing strategies will work best with your campus rep program, try a few! You can mix and match social media posts with in-person product giveaways. 

Plus, ask your brand ambassador to wear your brand clothing whenever possible. This ensures your company name is visible as your campus rep walks around the college each day.

Also, you should never use one marketing strategy alone. Use multiple advertising methods and put your campus brand ambassador program into full swing. 

Pick and Choose the Campus Locations with Care

In addition, since there are so many colleges and universities where you can advertise your products and services, choose the best options. 

As you survey your campus location choices, think of which locations would benefit your company best. In other words, where will your products and services be the most popular? Also, where do you want to get the word out on your brand?

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch It Up

Plus, after you get your campus brand ambassador program rolling, don’t be afraid to switch things up! If you find one marketing strategy works on campus but another one doesn’t, add some new techniques.

In addition, you can use a few brand ambassador marketing strategies at a time to really gauge what works and what doesn’t. 

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Marketing Made Easy When You Know How to Use Campus Ambassadors 

When you know how to use campus brand ambassadors to encourage your brand, you’re taking your marketing campaign in the right direction.

So, are you ready to put a campus ambassador program into motion? Campus Commandos can help! 

The Campus Commandos team will guide you through the process, help you find campus reps to work for your company, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Contact Campus Commandos today to get started!


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