Marketing is a strategy that comes in many forms. From digital marketing to print marketing, there are many methods for companies to attract new customers. In addition, marketing has specialty areas. One specialty marketing area that may be a target method for your company is youth marketing. 

What Does Youth Marketing Include?

Youth marketing is a marketing effort directed towards younger individuals. This type of marketing can include a group of younger people spanning all different ages or it can be divided into subgroups. Some of the subgroup classifications may include tweens, teens, college students, and young adults. Depending on who your company markets to in order to sell your products and services, you can tailor your marketing campaign to a specific group in the youth marketing category. 

How Does Youth Marketing Differ From Other Types?

This type of marketing differs from other types of marketing campaigns. When you target your ads and marketing efforts towards a youth age group, you need to consider all aspects of marketing but with this age group in mind. For example, how a young person may view marketing ads often differs from how someone in their 50s views them. Also, when preparing a youth marketing campaign, you have to ask yourself, what type of marketing tactic would appeal most to someone in high school or college. And, if your products and services are tailored for a few different youth subgroups, you should make sure your campaign is eye-catching and memorable to all who may buy your products and obtain your services, not just one subgroup. 

How Do You Execute a Youth Marketing Campaign?

When the time comes to execute your youth marketing campaign, you have to ask a number of different questions as you plan this type of advertising strategy. Here are some common questions you should have answers to as you plan your marketing campaign for youth customers:

How Do Youths See Most Ads?

First and foremost, you have to ask yourself and your team members, how do young people see most of the advertisements out there? Do they find ads on social media or do they hear about marketing ads from other people their age. Basically, you need to determine what the best way is to show off your marketing campaigns to your teen and college-age customers, for example. 

What Types of Ads Appeal to Young People?

Also, you need to figure out what types of ads will make younger potential customers stop and take notice. Do they like text ads or will they be more likely to respond to video ads? All these factors will help you to decide what main types of marketing ads to create. After all, it doesn’t matter how good an advertisement is if the target audience isn’t paying attention to it. 

How Can Our Marketing Plan Include the Right Features?

As you create your marketing plan to draw in youthful customers, you have to make sure it includes the right features. Does the marketing campaign address the needs of the customer? Do the ads speak to the customer? Will the potential customer stop to take notice of the marketing campaign and the products and services offered? When you answer all these questions as you create your marketing plan, you’ll be more likely to have a marketing campaign that works. 

How Can Brand Ambassadors Play a Role?

Brand ambassadors can play a vital role in youth marketing campaigns. Young people listen to their peers and often want the products their friends have and want to use the same services others their age do. This is where brand ambassadors can help with your marketing campaign.


Brand ambassadors represent a company and get the word out on its products and services. College brand ambassadors are extremely popular with company marketing departments, especially if the products or services are tailored to a younger customer base. The college campus reps are college students who fulfill a number of different tasks in their job role.


Here are some job duties college brand ambassadors fulfill on university campuses:


  • Handle social media posts
  • Host in-person campus events
  • Hand out free company products and service offerings
  • Host sample giveaway events
  • Post flyers around campus
  • Engage in conversation with peers and try to increase the company’s customer base


When you use campus reps for your youth marketing strategy, you can engage with your target audience via your brand ambassador’s presence on campus.

Which Marketing Strategies Yield the Best Results?

Once you put your various youth marketing strategies to work, you can evaluate the results at some later point. You may find that one type of marketing strategy works better than another. Or perhaps you find that you need more brand reps on a particular campus. At that point you can tailor your marketing strategy to include the plans that work best. 

Hire Campus Reps to Help You Achieve Youth Marketing Goals

If you’re ready to use youth marketing strategies to target your products and services to college students, hiring campus reps can help you do so. Campus Commandos can connect you with brand ambassadors on college campuses around the country and help you start getting the word out on your exceptional products and services.


Find out more about Campus Commandos service offerings by visiting their website and contact the team today to get started!


Who is Campus Commandos?

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