College students often think of their primary job as going to class and doing well in school. However, there may come a time when you’re ready to get a part-time job during your college education and earn some extra money. One job role that may be perfect for you is that of a student brand ambassador. 

Student brand ambassadors work for specific companies with the main role of helping the business to get the word out on the brand products and services. This type of work can be done conveniently from your college campus. Student brand ambassadors are also known as campus brand ambassadors or campus reps. Here are some duties of a campus brand ambassador and reasons why you could be a good student brand ambassador:


What Do Student Brand Ambassadors Do?

As a student brand ambassador, you would be responsible for handling tasks to help the company sell its products and services. As a campus representative, you are the in-person representative for the company. You’ll answer questions about the brand, host events, and handle other duties to help the company achieve its sales goals.

Here are some common job duties of student brand ambassadors:

  • Social media posts: Social media is a vital part of the marketing plans of most companies. As a campus rep, you may be responsible for creating social media posts and reels. You might also go live on social media to show off the company’s new products and services and engage with followers.
  • Wear brand clothing: As a college student on campus, the company may ask you to wear clothing or accessories with their brand name on them. This way, the company name can be seen wherever you go on campus.
  • Use brand products and services on campus: As a student brand ambassador, you might also be asked to use the company’s products and services on campus. For example, if you are a campus rep for a technology company, they may ask you to use their tech products and be seen doing so around campus.
  • Spread the good word about the company: In general, your job role is to spread the good word about the company. The business wants to be seen favorably by potential customers and you can talk about the many wonderful things the company offers to college students you meet throughout the day. 
  • Host events: Some companies may also ask you to host events on their behalf, such as product launches or anniversary celebrations of the brand.
  • Hand out free products: Handing out free products is another task you may have to fulfill. Many people love free products, so this part of the job should be easy to complete.


Traits of a Good Campus Rep

Now that you know what student brand ambassadors do, you might wonder if you have what it takes to be a good campus rep. Here are some traits of a good campus rep:

  • Social: Since your main job role is to talk about the brand with other college students, you should be social by nature and feel comfortable meeting new people and starting conversations with them about the brand.
  • Engaging: You should also be engaging. You want to tell people about the company and its products and services but you also want them to remember what you say and remember the brand name.
  • Not Afraid to Interact: As a campus brand ambassador, you should be eager to meet new people and not be afraid to interact with others. This type of interactive nature will take you far in future jobs and help you achieve your goals with fearlessness.
  • Go Above and Beyond: It’s important to fulfill the job role the company asks you to do, but you should try to go above and beyond the job description. Find out new ways to handle your job duties as a campus rep and offer these suggestions to your company representative. If you know of different ways to market the products and services on campus, let the company representative know what works best for college students and what draws them in.


If you have many, or all, of these traits, you may be a good student brand ambassador!


Learn More About Becoming a Student Brand Ambassador

If you’re ready to learn more about becoming a student brand ambassador and want to connect with companies that offer this type of job, Campus Commandos can help. The Campus Commandos team can help connect you to companies searching for brand ambassadors on your college campus and you can learn more about what this job entails. 

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