In the past, college athletes weren’t allowed to benefit from celebrity spotlights and endorsements. But as a result of a recent rule change by the NCAA, college athletes can now earn money in college for work associated with their celebrity status. 

With this NCAA rule change in mind, your company can now hire athlete campus ambassadors.

Campus ambassadors provide a way for your company to get your brand name out to the masses. When you hire athlete campus ambassadors, you take this job role one step further and enlist the help of a well-known college student. Therefore, your brand reach will likely be even further! 

Ways For Your Company to Benefit

If you want to get your brand name out to a college student target audience, hire campus brand ambassadors. Campus reps promote your company name at their colleges and provide your company with on-site marketing on campus. Athlete campus ambassadors take this process one step further by promoting your brand in a celebrity status role. 

College students know who the athletes are on their campus. And with the new NCAA rule in place, these athlete college students can now earn money for representing your brand. Of course, the athletes must follow specific guidelines according to the new rule and there will be certain restrictions. For example, some schools may not allow the athletes to wear their school or team logos in their job role. However, the individuals are still able to fulfill many roles for your brand. 

How Athlete Campus Reps Differ From Regular Campus Ambassadors

You may have hired campus ambassadors in the past but not athlete brand ambassadors. So, how do athlete campus reps differ from other campus ambassadors?

NCAA athletes who work as campus reps may have different job details. Since they have a celebrity-type status, they might do the following:

  • Hold merchandise sales
  • Provide autograph sessions
  • Star in advertisements
  • Create sponsored social media posts


In addition to these special tasks, athlete brand ambassadors might do the same jobs other campus reps perform, such as:

  • Hand out product samples
  • Wear brand clothing/use brand products on campus
  • Handle social media for campus reach
  • Attend/host company events on campus


You can ask your athlete campus rep to handle tasks like other campus ambassadors or give them campus rep duties specifically tailored to their athlete status. 

What Athlete Campus Ambassadors Can Do For Your Company

So, why does your company need athlete campus ambassadors? For a few different reasons!

First, athlete brand ambassadors are well known. These individuals are not just popular on their college campus due to their role on the school team but they’re also likely known throughout the NCAA sports world. When you attach your brand name to a well-known college athlete, you’re making it more likely people will recognize and remember your brand.

Also, athlete brand ambassadors may know exactly how to get your brand name recognized. These individuals know the power their name holds and know how to market your brand products and services in the best way. Whether they create some social media posts for your company or attend on-campus events wearing your brand clothing, your items will be seen by the masses.

In addition, athlete campus ambassadors offer a broad reach for your brand and do so for a payment that is less than some other celebrities. Although you’ll pay more to hire an athlete brand ambassador as opposed to a regular campus ambassador, you’ll pay considerably less than if you hired a professional sports player, for example. 

And you can hire athlete campus reps, no matter what industry your business falls within. From athletic apparel to technology equipment, if you hire a well-known college athlete to represent your brand, this will likely bump up your profits.


Hire Athlete Campus Ambassadors Today

If you’re ready to take your business to another level, do so by hiring athlete campus ambassadors. Think about the following factors before you set this new marketing strategy into motion:

  • Budget
  • Specific brand goals you want the campus rep to achieve
  • College or university location
  • Type of sport
  • Duties you want the campus rep to fulfill


Once you think about these aspects, you can target the right type of marketing campaign. Then you can hire the right athlete brand ambassador to make it happen for you. 

And when you’re ready to take your brand ambassador campaign to a whole new level, Campus Commandos can help! We’ll help you find the best campus reps for your company and get your brand on the right track with college campus promotion strategies.

Contact our team today and put your campus ambassador program into motion!


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