As a college student, you might look for ways to earn money while going to school. One option is to make money being a brand ambassador

When you sign up to work with a company as a campus rep, you fill different roles on behalf of the business. You’ll be asked to promote their company on your college campus in many different ways. Some brand ambassador roles include social media posting, in-person events, and even wearing brand clothing around campus.

Interested in learning more? Read on to find out how to earn some extra cash and company products in the part-time role as a brand ambassador on your college campus!

What Campus Reps Do to Make Money Being a Brand Ambassador

So, you know that brand ambassadors help to promote a company on campus, but what does that mean exactly?

Campus brand ambassadors act as the in-person representative of a business. When you fill the role as a campus rep, the company hires you to perform different tasks to get the word out on their business. From posting flyers to sending out tweets, your job duties are wide and varied and depend on the company’s wishes.

Here are some examples of what brand ambassadors do:

  • Host in-person events on campus
  • Hand out company brand promo materials
  • Talk about the company’s products and services whenever possible
  • Wear the company clothing or use brand products on campus
  • Create social media posts about the brand
  • Answer questions about the brand

Basically, as a campus brand rep, your ultimate goal is to publicize the products and services of the company whenever possible. 

And keep in mind that the company’s needs may change during your role as a campus rep. Therefore, you might start out just wearing brand clothing around campus but then the company will add on other tasks such as social media posting and in-person events. 

How You Can Earn Money and Products As a College Brand Ambassador

Now that you know what a brand ambassador is, how can you earn money and products as a college brand ambassador?

Some companies pay campus reps an hourly rate while others pay their brand ambassadors according to the tasks they perform, such as a certain amount of money to host an in-person event on campus. 

And it’s not just money that you can receive when you’re part of a brand ambassador program. Some companies will give you products or free service offerings as their campus reps. Or, you might even receive both money and products to work as a campus rep!

You can ask the company representative during the interview process how they compensate their brand reps. The company may only pay a certain amount or give you a specific number of products. Or, your earning potential can be unlimited!

How to Apply to Be a Brand Ambassador in College

If you want to earn money and free products as a brand ambassador in college, put in your application today. Here are some ways to find companies and apply:

  • Visit the Campus Commandos brand ambassador page to see who’s hiring
  • Check your on-campus job boards to see if any companies need campus reps
  • Use online job sites to search for campus brand ambassador jobs

The application process varies amongst the different companies. However, in general, you’ll put in your application and then take part in an interview with a company rep. If the company is interested in having you as a brand ambassador, they’ll contact you and hire you for the job. 

During the application process, don’t be afraid to ask questions. By doing so, you’ll know exactly what the company expects out of you in your role as a campus brand ambassador.

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Make Money Being a Brand Ambassador in College Today!

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