Marketing your brand is a method that takes serious thought and plenty of talent! You know the many benefits of your company’s offerings. The important and often difficult part is showing others just how fabulous your products and services are and doing so in the best possible way. 


This is especially important with the Generation Z crowd, or individuals between 18 and 23 years of age. There are certain aspects your Gen Z customers want to see with your products and services. Not only do they want excellent items to add to their virtual and in-person shopping carts, they want to know their business matters to your company. This group of customers also wants to know that your company offers something extra to them on a more emotional level. In other words, your Gen Z customers want to see your vulnerability.

What is Brand Vulnerability?

Vulnerability relates to being open in a variety of ways, such as emotionally, physically, socially, etc. When your brand is vulnerable you’re putting yourself out there to your customers in a variety of ways, which can be risky yet rewarding. Brand vulnerability can also relate to transparency and emotional connection with your clients. 

Why Is Brand Vulnerability Important?

Connecting with others on an emotional level is more important than you may think. You want your company to be a relatable entity not just a money-making business. By adding a vulnerable component to your brand, you show your customers their needs matter. 


Any company can offer a simple sales exchange where you provide the customer with a product and they pay you for it. You may see an average amount of sales, but it won’t be a wow factor situation. If you really want to expand your customer base and build your brand, you have to make your company memorable to the masses. You need to offer an emotional component that shows your caring, vulnerable side as a company owner and business as a whole. 


So, how do you do this? A few different ways!

How Do You Show Vulnerability to Draw Customers In?

When you’re ready to put more focus on your brand vulnerability and make your company memorable in the minds of current and future customers, there are a few steps you can take. Here’s how to show vulnerability as a brand:


  • Know Your Audience: Before you can appeal to your customer’s need for your brand vulnerability, you have to understand your audience. Know what your customers look for in a brand such as yours and show them how your brand is better than the competition when it comes to addressing their needs.
  • Show Your Audience How You Help Them: Once you know who your audience is, you can take steps to introducing your brand with vulnerability in mind. Show potential customers how your brand fits into their lives and do so with an emotional component in place. This can be done with emotional marketing tactics and transparency features. 
  • Be Trustworthy and Real: Not only should your brand put forth a vulnerable vibe but your company should be one that customers can trust. Your brand marketing should show the realness of your company and its employees. The Gen Z crowd will especially appreciate this factor. 
  • Hire a Campus Rep to Help with Your Brand Vulnerability: One of the best ways to show your brand vulnerability is with the help of campus brand ambassadors. Campus reps are college students who promote your brand on campus through in-person product giveaways, events, and social media outreach. Best of all, many of the campus rep peers are Gen Z individuals who will appreciate seeing your vulnerability through contact with the campus ambassador. 


Brand ambassadors get a firsthand look at your company’s story. These campus reps see the good your company is doing and the vulnerability your brand puts forth. Once they see this factor, they can accurately relate this vulnerable characteristic to your audience. And that’s what really connects with their peers back on campus!

Brand Vulnerability Promotes Connection

When you take the steps to promote vulnerability, you’re working on that essential connection between you and your customers. By showing your Gen Z customers and all other individuals that your company sells products with an emotional element in mind, you can draw people in and be more likely to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers. 


Don’t just sell your products and services via basic marketing strategies! Add a brand vulnerability component to your marketing to see how this factor can make a difference overall. Campus Commandos can help!


Find out more about hiring campus reps to promote your brand by contacting Campus Commandos today! 


Who is Campus Commandos?

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