One way companies sell their products and services to college students is through marketing. So, why is marketing important to college students?

College students buy a wide variety of products and services. In fact, this group of customers is one that companies try to focus their marketing campaigns on. According to a Refuel Agency statistic cited via Lexington Law, college students in 2019 had a $376 billion amount of spending power. What does this statistic mean? College students are spending money and buying a lot of products and services!

With this fact in mind, it’s easy to see marketing to college students is now more important than ever. So, why is marketing important to college students? For a few different reasons!

College students sometimes know exactly what they’re interested in buying. On the other hand, it’s only when university students see products and services that their interest is piqued. If you want to draw in college student customers, it’s vital that you tailor your marketing campaigns to this audience. 


Why Marketing Is Important to College Students

College students want to buy and use what other people their age are focused on. Many college students zone in on products that are the latest and greatest items at the time. If other people on campus are wearing certain brands or using specific tech products, you better believe that these items will have a larger following as the days progress. 

So, how do college students learn about the latest hot products? Through marketing, of course!

Marketing is accomplished through social media campaigns, print ads, and display campaigns. It’s also done via the help of campus brand ambassadors. 

Campus representatives or brand ambassadors work for specific companies and market the products and services of the businesses. Brand ambassadors are often college students that live on campus and help the company get the word out on its products and services. 

Campus brand ambassadors are important representatives for companies as these individuals are right there amongst the buyers. And not only do the campus reps offer an in-person advantage for companies, but they’re also often regarded highly by their peers. 

College students see brand ambassadors on campus who are also students and this helps to market a product by showing it’s popular with their peers. Also, when the brand ambassador is right there on campus, potential customers can see the brand’s products and services. And this makes it enticing to purchase!


How to Market Your Products and Services to Students

When it’s time to improve your marketing tactics and show off your products and services to college students, there are a few easy-to-use strategies to consider. Here are some ways to market products and services to students:

  • Use college brand ambassadors: College brand ambassadors provide an easy and cost-effective way for you to market products and services to college students. These company reps are right there on campus with your prospective customers. Plus, as college ambassadors are also students, they often know exactly what their peers look for in brand products.
  • Hand out free products and services: Another way to market your products and services to college students is to offer freebies. This process provides a great way to get students to try your items, plus, since college students are often on a budget, they’ll appreciate not having to buy something in the beginning. 
  • Provide discounts on products and services: In addition to providing free brand products and services, offer discounts on your current items. This discount access is sure to be appreciated as well.
  • Use social media to your advantage: Social media is so popular these days that if you’re not using this type of advertising access to your advantage, you’re missing out! Make sure your social media campaigns are current and memorable. Also, put your college brand ambassadors to good use by asking them to create social media posts for your company. They’ll likely know exactly what will draw potential college-age customers in!

Get Your Marketing Campaign Running Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your college student marketing campaign running today! Hire college brand ambassadors to advertise your products and services for you. 

Contact Campus Commandos and see how easy it is to put your college brand ambassador program into motion!


Who is Campus Commandos?

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