How many college campuses offer the PINK Campus Rep program? 

Have you been curious as to which college campuses have PINK Campus Reps

Since its launch in 2008, the popular program has grown exponentially. While an exact number is not currently available, approximately 110 universities throughout the United States and Canada have PINK Campus Reps. 

The list of schools that offer the incredible program are on the lifestyle brand’s website. 

It is a common misconception that only a 4-year university can be a part of a program. However, some community colleges also have PINK brand ambassadors

The brand hires two ambassadors per school. This means that there are currently 220 + PINK Campus Reps. 


All 220+ PINK Campus Reps Meet During Training 

After being hired as a PINK Campus Rep, all ambassadors attend a three-day training session at the company’s headquarters, located in Columbus, Ohio. The annual event, which is free of charge, allows reps to interact with each other. 

During the training, the brand’s executives hold workshops to help reps have a successful ambassadorship. There are also several fun events. For instance, all 220+ reps who attended brand training in 2019 made candles and had tarot card readings.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the most recent training sessions were held virtually. However, reps can still engage with each other through the PINK Campus Rep app. 


There Are Even More College Students Involved With The Program 

At each school, Campus Reps are responsible for managing a PINK campus team. The team consists of five volunteers.

Unlike the Campus Reps, PINK does not offer the team members an hourly wage. However, they do receive free merchandise. 

The Campus Reps assign each member of the team a specific task. There is a photographer, social guru, a community partnership outreach individual, a trendsetter, and a freshman liaison.

Those who are a part of the campus team have a better chance of being hired as a PINK Campus Rep in the future. 


More Colleges Can Be Involved In The Program 

There are still quite a few colleges that do not have PINK Campus Reps. This is unfortunate, as the program is an excellent opportunity for college students. 

This is a paid position. PINK also provides reps with excellent training and opportunities that will give their resume a boost. 

Thankfully, college students can nominate their university to join the program. 

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Final Thoughts on How Many College Campuses Have PINK Campus Reps

Currently, there are about 220 PINK reps on 110+ college campuses across the United States and Canada.

Some community colleges have PINK campus reps, which makes the program unique. Typically, only 4-year universities offer ambassador programs.

All of the reps are able to come together at the annual training event in Columbus, Ohio. PINK’s brand ambassadors can also communicate via the PINK campus rep app.

Consider being a member of the brand’s campus team if you do not get hired. While it is not a paid position, it still has quite a few perks.


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