Recruit College Students for Brand Ambassador Program

When you promote your brand, there are many steps you can take. You can use social media, word-of-mouth, or general marketing strategies to advertise your products. Another way to do so is through a brand ambassador program. You can recruit college students for brand ambassador program reasons and increase your presence on university campuses across the country.

If you hire college students for your brand ambassador program, you are taking the necessary steps to have your company’s products and services seen. And, the more people who see your products and services, the more your customer base can grow.

When you’re ready to start a brand ambassador program or add to your current one, the following information can help.


What is a Brand Ambassador Program?

A brand ambassador program is a way to promote your brand. With this type of program, you hire college students to act as onsite company representatives on their university campuses.

With your brand ambassador program, you have a foolproof way to advertise your products and services to a large audience. By hiring college students to work as brand ambassadors, you have people working for you that know what their peers want in products and services.

Your brand ambassadors can get the word out on your company through many means. College ambassadors create social media posts, host events, and hand out products to promote your brand.


Why is a College Brand Ambassador Program Ideal?

A college brand ambassador program is an excellent marketing tactic because you have people working for you who get in front of your potential customers with ease. Your brand ambassadors go to school with these individuals and they are on campus with them every day.

Also, if your target audience is college students, your brand ambassadors know what marketing strategies work best for their peers. Your college brand ambassadors will take your marketing preferences and tailor them to best suit the audience, which is other college students.

How to Recruit College Students for Your Program

Now that you know what a brand ambassador program is and why you should have one, it’s time for your company to set this up. Here’s how to recruit college students for your ambassador program:

1. Decide Where You Want to Host Your Brand Ambassador Program

The first step to take before you recruit college students for your program is to figure out where you want to promote your brand. You can start out with one or two universities or institute a brand ambassador program in each time zone across the nation.

Decide if you want to test out your new marketing campaign at one school or many. You can always start small, hire a few brand ambassadors at one college, and then build on this tactic in the coming months.


2. Post Job Listings on Campus

Once you know where you want your campus brand ambassadors to be, the next step is to post job opportunity listings. You might be able to post these opportunities through the student employment office on campus. Or, you can create social media posts with location-specific hashtags about brand ambassador positions on college campuses.


3. Let a Campus Ambassador Company Handle the Hiring

If you’d rather let the marketing professionals handle the job, you can hire a campus ambassador company to recruit brand representatives. Campus ambassador companies, such as Campus Commandos, will handle all the finer details for you, from finding job candidates to offering an easy method for your company to stay in contact with the brand ambassadors.

When you hire Campus Commandos to handle the brand ambassador hiring, you can sit back, relax, and watch your marketing techniques flourish.


4. Offer Excellent Incentives and Pay

In addition to advertising your available campus ambassador positions, you want to entice potential candidates to work for you. Make sure you offer tempting incentives, such as free products, and provide generous pay for the work completed.


5. Offer Referral Bonuses

Once you hire your core group of brand ambassadors, you can expand your campus team if you offer referral bonuses to current company representatives. If your campus brand ambassador refers another college student to your company and you hire them, the referring ambassador gets a bonus. It’s an easy way to grow your brand ambassador team and reward current ambassadors for a job well done.


6. Remind Students It’s a Great Way to Build Resumes

As you recruit new college brand ambassadors, remind these students that working for your company is an easy way to build their resumes. When the college students work for your brand, they can add marketing skills and this work history to their resume, which looks good to potential future employers.


7. Make it Fun

Lastly, and most importantly, make the job fun! In addition to being paid, let the student know they’ll have fun doing so.

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Hire College Students for Brand Ambassador Program Rollout Today

If you want to increase your customer base, start a campus brand ambassador program. Create a brand ambassador program and recruit college students to promote your brand with enthusiasm and success.

To make the rollout of the new brand ambassador program even easier, let Campus Commandos handle the work for you. Our experienced team will put your brand ambassador program into play. We’ll help you hire brand ambassadors and make the process easy as can be for you. And you’re sure to love the Campus Commandos app which makes the entire process smooth throughout.

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Who is Campus Commandos?

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