What are PINK Campus Reps’ responsibilities? 

Are you interested in becoming a PINK ambassador and want to know the Campus Reps’ Responsibilities

Over 200 universities in the United States and Canada offer the PINK Campus Rep program. The lifestyle and apparel brand, which focuses on female empowerment, assigns two reps for each university

The company delegates a certain number of tasks to each rep during their eight-hour workweek. PINK’s ambassadors are paid by the hour, dependent on the state’s minimum wage.  

The company requires its reps to attend an extensive training session, held in Columbus, Ohio. During the three-day event, the ambassadors go to workshops to prepare them for the program. 

Here is what PINK campus reps do throughout their ambassadorship. 



PINK Campus Reps Are In Charge Of Social Media Posts

PINK campus reps work as social media managers. They create content for their university’s PINK social media accounts.

Typically, this includes Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter. The brand also selects a few reps to make YouTube videos to advertise its ambassadorship.

For this reason, the company is interested in hiring college students who have a large following on social media. Those who have experience with photoshop and video editing may also have a better chance of being hired. 



PINK Campus Reps Host Various Events 

In the past, reps hosted events on-campus. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, these events are now virtual. 

For the past year, PINK reps have organized online workouts and holiday events. The ambassadors hold giveaways to promote the company’s products. 

PINK provides a budget for each event, and reps must plan accordingly. 



Campus Reps Manage A PINK Campus Team 

PINK Campus Reps are responsible for managing a campus team, which has five members. After an intensive interview process, the reps give each team member a specific task. 

Depending on their skill set, the volunteers will be assigned one of the following roles: photographer, a trendsetter, social guru, a community partnership outreach individual, and a freshman liaison. The Campus Team assists the Campus Reps at PINK events. 


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Final Thoughts

PINK Campus Reps have numerous responsibilities. They run various social media accounts and create original content. 

Reps also plan and put on events that are either in person or online. 

In addition, PINK Campus Reps manage a team of five volunteers.

While this may seem like a lot of work, PINK compensates its ambassadors accordingly. The company gives the reps an hourly wage and PINK merchandise, ranging from clothing to cosmetics.

Those interested in becoming a PINK Campus Rep, check out the company’s website to see if your university offers the program. If not, you can nominate your college to be a part of the ambassadorship.


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