Increasing Online Sales
Campus Commandos helped HP drive sales online for their calculator division.

Driving Online Sales



“On HP shopping, we’ve seen 60% sales growth for the 50g and 7% growth for the 10bII+.”


Our Results
Students reached

approx. 21,621,596 others with their social posts.

Our Results
Achieved a 60% sales growth

for the 50G calculator.

Our Results
Achieved a 7% sales growth

for the 10BII+ calculator.

Our Results
700+ Surveys

conducted for HP.

how we did this

Email Blasts, Social Media Ambassadors and Orientation Activations

Quarter three spanned a time where a majority of students were off campus. It was critical that we reached these students prior to them returning. Using targeted email blasts and guerilla marketing tactics, we focused on engineering and finance students most likely to buy the featured calculators. Campus Commandos took full advantage of the University’s required, on-campus attendance for new students to complete orientation during the summer. By helping new students to organize their classes, acclimate to student life, and introduce themselves to other new students, orientation proved to be an ideal time.

Back-to-School spans a time where students are just getting back to campus. It was critical that we reached these students prior to them returning and again before they fully settled in with all their school supplies. Using targeted email blasts, social media posts from our student network, and market research questions we hit students at this critical time when they are making school supply purchases. We focused on engineering and business (finance) students most likely to buy the featured calculators. We started with a targeted email to finance and business students .edu email addresses. Campus Commandos then utilized our student rep network and activated 40 students from schools all across the country to promote HP’s Prime calculator to their network during the start of the school year. Students posted images designed by Campus Commandos to be engaging and informative, and interacted with their peers on these posts, giving them links to purchase the calculators. During our final piece of the campaign we worked with the HP Marketing team on questions to ask our commando students. The survey was conducted through our Campus Commandos Mobile App.

Campus Commandos'

Campaign Goal One

Increasing awareness for the 10BII+, 50g and Prime calculators.

Campus Commandos'

Campaign Goal Two

Increasing purchase consideration for the 10BII+, 50g and Prime calculators among business (finance) and engineering majors.

Campus Commandos'

Campaign Goal Three

Drive sales on HP Online shopping.

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