Saw a 96% Increase
In awareness of HTC and the Power To Give app during the semester

Semester Long Campaign



“I worked with Campus Commandos to generate some excitement around an app from our company. We have used campus reps before, but I was intrigued by Campus Commandos’ “command”, if you will, of technology and the latest trends – especially their new app. Campus Commandos’ approach is totally scalable – they can assist with a basic campus rep program, or they can go all out and create a whole campaign centered on several campuses, each executed with the same level of care and precision.”

Lulu, HTC
Our Results
Increased Awareness

Increased awareness of HTC and the Power To Give App by more than 96% over one semester

Our Results
Market Research

Exceeded our goal of surveys gathered by 103%

Our Results
Published Article

An article about HTC and the PTG App was published on, which receives an average of 100K impressions per month

Our Results
App Downloads

As a result of increased awareness we saw a spike in student downloads


how we did this

Weekly Activations On Campus

Over the course of a semester, our Commandos participated in weekly activities aimed at increasing brand awareness for HTC and the Power To Give mobile application. Our reps gave presentations to residential housing, organized weekly tabling, conducted video interviews, created their promotional videos, and partnered with student events.

To achieve their goals, the reps were equipped with HTC branded promotional products (USB plugs, tote bags, informational postcards, retractable banners, a charging station, and HTC One M8 phones) as well as a uniform. Each week they set up a presence on campus, which included all of their promotional products. The students exchanged materials for surveys and used their M8s to demo the PTG app.

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If You Had the Power To Give, What Would You Do?

We were inspired by the message of Power To Give, and we wanted to ask some of our students around the country the question, “If you had the power to give, what would you do?” We then created a video compilation of the responses for HTC.

If I had the Power To Give, I would give the kids who are going through cancer treatment just something little that would get them through the tough times.” – Thomas, Grand Valley State University

If I had the Power To Give, I would definitely give back to non-profits, more specifically AIDS Awareness Foundation and National Down Syndrome Society.” – London, Georgia State University

Campus Commandos'

Campaign Goal One

Increase brand awareness of HTC and HTC Power To Give

Campus Commandos'

Campaign Goal Two

Survey college students regarding HTC and PTG

Campus Commandos'

Campaign Goal Three

Have an article written about PTG

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