Double Digit Conversion
Rate in coupon redemption for Ventura Foods which far exceeded industry average

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“Very dedicated, engaged CC Team! I felt like CC was always looking out for my brand and sought opportunities to enhance our programs. Great collaboration and communication during planning and execution. Thank you for your partnership this year on Dean’s Dip!”

Christina, Ventura Foods
Our Results
Coupon Redemption

Achieved a double digit conversion rate on coupon redemption which far exceeded industry average

Our Results
Student Engagement

Over 16,000 Fans

Our Results
Number of Events

15 Events

Our Results
Social Media Engagement

Increased shared by 85%

Penn State
Ohio State

how we did this

Sampling Events

Over the course of the fall semester Campus Commandos worked with its university partners to create an experience well suited for the Dean’s Dip brand. Our Commandos identified areas where students were already snacking which included the following: Dean’s Dip Move-In Event, Tailgates, Viewing Parties, Pre-Thanksgiving Programs, and Homecoming Event and Float Building Event. During the events our reps distributed samples of Dean’s Dip, distributed free dip coupons, and handed out promotional items to students.

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Homecoming Event & Float Building Event

This year our contacts at Ohio State University offered us the opportunity to be the exclusive snack provider to the 400 students building the homecoming floats. Our crew hung out with the buckeyes while they built big floats in preparation for the following day’s parade.

The OSU Homecoming was even bigger this year than years past. It probably has something to do with the fact that OSU was the number one college football team in the nation, winning a championship will do that to you. That being said there were over 7,000 fans (students, faculty, parents, alumni) enjoying the parade.

Campus Commandos'

Campaign Goal One

Increase awareness for Dean’s Dip outside of French Onion, Sriracha & Buffalo Ranch

Campus Commandos'

Campaign Goal Two

Increase purchase consideration for their next TV watching activity (Tracking Coupon)

Campus Commandos'

Campaign Goal Three

Conduct an extensive market research survey for the brand

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