You can still reach college students
We're helping brands adapt their college marketing programs to fit "now". Learn about some of our no-contact services.

Reach College Students

We've helped the world's largest brands execute marketing campaigns to college students across the country.

Top 8 Marketing Programs
Here are the top 8 things to consider when aiming to reach college students via targeted marketing campaigns.


Market Research

Generation Z spent over $143 Billion in 2018

We will deliver fast and accurate feedback to give your brand stronger insight into how to engage with this demographic.


Parent Email Outreach

While back-to-school may seem a bit different this year, two things remains constant: the influence that parents have over their children and the novelty of back-to-school shopping. We will send out branded emails directly to parents with a strong call to action for either an in-store or online purchase of your product/service.


Optimized Lead Generation

Inject your database with thousands of fresh, qualified student leads – guaranteed. We will leverage the highly targeted traffic to deliver your branded offer directly to students.

Example: Joe College, who self-identifies as an 18-24 year old college student, is looking for a college scholarship in your targeted area. When Joe and his specific attributes hit the website, we will deliver an offer from your brand. Once Joe opts in, we will collect the following: first name, last name, mailing address, email, and phone number. This will then be relayed directly to your team’s CRM, where they become your lead.



Gen Z Digital Engagement

We have access to over 57 million available first party Gen Z data insights

Our core targeting tactics and strategies include: Data Targeting, Contextual Category Targeting, Site Targeting, CRM On-Boarding and Targeting, Cross-Device, Retargeting, Contextual Keyword Targeting, Native, IP Address Targeting, Audio Advertising and Video Ads.


Direct Mail

Direct mail is not seen as junk among the younger generation.

It allows your brand the ability to show more individuality with your branding.

Many of our clients combine email with direct mail to ensure a stronger response.


Virtual Fairs

Similar to a traditional event, brands will have a booth as well as opportunities for engagement with the student demographic.

We will customize a plan for your brand to maximize its visibility during virtual Welcome Week.



Sampling Boxes

Place your products directly into the hands of 20 college influencers who will promote, demonstrate and give away product samples (if applicable) to their followers.

Working with influencers opens your brand to 2 million reachable social impressions, over 100 pieces of online content and direct engagement.

Types of social content guaranteed include online articles and posts on each of the following platforms: 


Influencer Network

Campus Commandos will leverage its influencer network to guarantee students will generate content for your brand on their personal social media channels.

74% of consumers rely on social networks to help with their purchasing decisions (ODM Group)

71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals (2019 Hubspot report)


Marketing to College Students

Use these top 8 no-contact marketing activations (market research, parent email outreach, optimized lead generation, Gen Z digital engagement, direct mail, virtual fairs, sampling boxes and influencer networks) when marketing to college students and help your brand adapt to fit “now”.

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