Improve Student Rep Programs
Learn the three common mistakes that most student rep programs make, how to fix them, and create a successful programs.

Improve Student Rep Programs

Three ways to improve your student rep programs

mistake #1
Using The Traditional Interview Process

We all know it. Students submit a resume, you conduct a phone interview, and you make the hire. We have to remember that these are college students, not entry-level team members. They don’t have the experience yet for an impressive résumé, and they don’t have a ton of relevant experience to talk about in interviews. The Fix: Get Scientific Identify the traits that make the position successful. You can borrow from great tests out there like Myers-Briggs and Personality Index.

mistake #3

Going Against The Grain You’re not engaging students in the way they are engaging with everything else — their mobile device. Yet, most are making their campus reps interact through a website, dashboard or by sending an email. The Fix: Transfer Your Program To Their Mobile Device There are already tools like your camera and GPS check-in on your phone for students to log their hours and prove their work. Campus Commandos decided to go with the grain and build our own mobile app, Go Commando App.